Just A Chat #5 – How Do People Do this?

Right, so I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks. Again. Seriously, how do people do it?

Between my internship, school, homework, keeping the house clean, going to the gym (well, sometimes), spending time with my boyfriend, having a social life (sort of..), having time to myself to relax and sleep and do fun things, I feel like I don’t have the time to work on blog posts. I do not understand how people with a full-time job and a family or something find time to do things. Not that I have a family, but still..
You hear how all  these full-time bloggers and Youtubers and social media people always did their things alongside a ‘regular’ job before they could go full-time, and I’m just like “How?”.

I’m obviously not a full-time blogger, or a full-time anything for that matter. I just do this for fun. But still, I want to be somewhat consistent and put out good content, and it’s just hard sometimes to find the time to sit down and edit photo’s or write a blog post or trick Gideon into taking pictures for me.

Granted, I’m not in the most normal situation. I went from years of not really having anything like school or work to do, at least nothing very time consuming, to suddenly having 4 mornings a week filled up, plus homework. Which means my body also suddenly has to get used to waking up early (I have to get up before 7 in the morning most days now 😦 ), so I am pretty much always in need of a nap when I get home from school or my internship. Not that I do not enjoy all these things, I feel very lucky that I get to do my internship at this place and school so far – the two days that I had school – has been very interesting and I’m already learning a lot. But it takes a lot of getting used to for me, because I haven’t really been on a regular schedule like this since I was 16 and still in school. I like it though, having places to go and things to do and people to meet.

But yea, it’s definitely hard to keep up with my little corner of the internet with all this adjusting to new situations. But I do have some posts and ideas lined up, and hopefully I will find a good schedule for myself and learn how to plan my time a bit better and get back to posting once a week. Oh, and get back into reading, because I’ve been really bad at picking up a book lately, and I still have 6 to go before the end of the year…

Soooooooo. That was a very personal rambly post. I just needed to kind of get my thoughts out and what better place to do it than on the blog, right? It’s nice to just be able to share what’s going on in my head with the world sometimes 🙂

Anyways, thanks for stopping by ❤