5 Faves – September 2017

It is the first day of October, which means it is time for my September favourites!

September was good. I’ve upped my internship days to 3 mornings a week which is exciting (but also a bit exhausting), it was my birthday this month which was VERY fun (although I still need to plan a party for my friends so it’s not completely over yet 😉 ), and the weather was still pretty nice, although a bit cold sometimes.

But I guess that’s what you get living in Holland…
I am kinda coming to terms with the fact that it is getting colder though, I even switched out my summer clothes for my winter clothes a few weeks ago! But that’s for another post.

For now, let’s see what I’ve been loving this month.


Starting with my most favourite item, the ring I got from my boyfriend Gideon for my birthday. We picked it out together when we were in Antwerp last month, let the lady wrap it up all nice and pretty, and waited till my birthday to unwrap it. And I’ve been wearing it ever since. It is so pretty and dainty and shiny and I’m in love ❤


My fashion favourite this month is my raincoat. I’ve had in since August and have also been wearing it since August, but now that autumn has started I’ve realized how very happy I am with a cute raincoat, because this is The Netherlands and you never know when it’ll suddenly start raining here, and I am too lazy to carry around an umbrella. This baby came in handy on a few occasions when I left the house with blue skies and found myself caught in a rainstorm, and I am very sure I will get a lot of wear out of this the coming months!


In my Antwerp haul I told you I was pretty sure my very first Mac lipstick, the Liptensity lipstick in Smoked Almond, would end up in my 5 Faves. And here it is! It’s my most worn lipstick this month, because it’s just such an easy to wear colour that is great for work, date nights and days, a quick throw-on-my-lips shade. It is a creamy lipstick that feels great on the lips, but it isn’t shiny or anything, which I love (I don’t really like shine on the lips, I’m a matte kinda girl). It was definitely worth the €25,-

This mask, oooooh yes. I showed this in my haul last Thursday and told you it would be in my faves, because it is absolutely great! I got it from G because he wanted to treat me (or more like trick me into coming to Utrecht after work) and I’ve used it every week since I got it which is about 3 or 4 times, and every time after using this my skin looked great and felt so very soft. It does burn my cheeks a bit when I first put it on my face, because it it a deep cleansing mask, but afterwards my face feels great and clean and smooth, and my makeup applies amazing the next day! Seriously, is there a The Body Shop product that isn’t amazing?!


And last but not least, a tea. This tea is soooo very good, if you like rooibos. I’ve been drinking it for a long time now, but during summer I don’t really drink a lot of tea. Now that it’s been getting colder I’ve been back on it like my life depends on it, and this is the only tea I’ve been drinking, this specific brand and flavour. I get it at Lidl, And I don’t really know if they sell it anywhere else, but seriously if you like rooibos and you see this one, try it out because it is yummmmm.

Alright, that’s everything I’ve been loving this month. There are some things that I already think will be in next month’s faves, but we’ll see 😉

Thanks for stopping by!