Collective Haul #4

I swear I need to start doing more small hauls instead of these big all-over-the-place I-don’t-remember-when-I-got-most-of-these-things-anymore collective hauls. Butttt I guess that’s one for next time. For now here’s another collective one 🙂

So this contains some stuff I got like 2 months ago that I just hadn’t shown yet (or that I have shown already) and some stuff I got a few days ago. It’s mainly beauty items this time, but there are some fashion-y bits as well, because I can’t go a month without buying clothes, or shoes, or some other fashion item.

Actually, that goes for beauty as well… But I didn’t buy any books this time!

There are some things I got that I didn’t put in this haul, mainly because I forgot or was too lazy to take the photo’s, but I’m sure I’ll feature it in another post someday 🙂

Beauty bits.

Doing things a bit different this time, so I can hopefully get through it all a bit faster.

  • After wanting Black Opium by YSL for about a year but not being allowed to buy it (G and I have a rule now that we are not allowed to buy any perfume until we finish one because we have a lot and it doesn’t fit on our shelf anymore…) I finally was able to get it, and I’m sooo happy! It smells great, and I think it’s a good all year round scent. I haven’t used it a whole lot yet because I was trying to finish another scent over the summer (didn’t manage to do that) but I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a whole lot from now on!
  • When there is a 40% off mascara sale at Ici Paris XL, I need to buy mascara. Especially when I also have a €5 gift card. So I decided to pick up this Lancôme Grandiôse Extrême mascara to try out. I haven’t used it yet because I haven’t run out of my Helena Rubenstein one yet (which is really nice), but I’m excited to see what effect this one gives!
  • I’m almost out of my current hair mask, so I picked up this The Body Shop Banana hair mask. Used it once the way the girl in the store told me (put it in dry hair 30 minutes before washing and rinse it out with shampoo), and my hair not only smells UH-MAZING (like Haribo candy bananas) but it also felt really soft and looks nice and shiny. So I’d say I’m pretty happy with it 🙂
  • This The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal mask was a present from my sweet boy, and all I’ll say about this is that it’ll be in my 5 Faves very soon…. 😉
  • I picked up this Garnier eye makeup remover and the Garnier micellair water – the oily one – a while ago because I’m running out of both my current ones. Haven’t used either of them yet, but I’m sure they’ll be great!
  • I have really been into foundation lately, so I got an Etos makeup sponge to apply it with. Really, really like the effect it gives, and it wasn’t more than €5,-!
  • And lastly, when I saw that Hema has a new range of long lasting lipsticks I had to pick up one! This colour is called Muddy Mood (hate the name) and it is a beautiful autumn shade. The lipstick is pretty creamy for a long lasting one but stays on nicely, and doesn’t dry out my lips. I also couldn’t stop myself from picking up my fave Matte Lip Cream in Wine, a shade I hadn’t seen yet. I love the formula obviously, but I feel like this one applies a bit more patchy and uneven than the other ones I have. Still a beautiful colour though, and when it’s dry it looks better.

The fashion (and other).

So I didn’t get a whole lot of fashion bits, and I all of these have already been featured on my Instagram (and some on the blog as well), but I wanted to show them anyways.

  • Starting with 2 phone cases I got on When I got my phone – the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 – I struggled a lot with finding a cute phone case because it is not the biggest most popular phone (basically, most places have lots of Iphone cases and some Galaxy S-series cases but that’s it). So for the last 8 months I’ve just been using a boring pink case. And then I went on an online hunt and found these too suuuuuuper cute ones for not too expensive (the leopard one was €7,- and the black and gold one €13,-) and I got them and I’m in love! I’ve had the black one on and it looks so good!
  • I got some simple black cotton trousers for work, because I felt like I needed another pair. These are from the H&M L.O.G.G. collection, and I like them a lot! They do wear out a bit though after a few hours of wearing them, but that seems to be my problem with all the H&M jeans and trousers I try.
  • Autumn is here, which means booties weather is back! And I wanted to try the Chelsea boot look, so I picked these up for around €30,- at Van Haren and I have been wearing them a ton lately. They aren’t the best quality, but they are comfortable and cute and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of them these coming seasons!
  • And last but not least I had to show you my Dune London loafers again, because they haven’t been featured in a haul yet. These are pretty much the only shoes I’ve been wearing to work (although I sometimes go for my Dune London heeled booties as well) because they can make any outfit look a bit more dresses up, and because they cover most of my foot they work well in these transition month as well. And they look good with tights, which is a must for me too because I want to be able to wear them with skirts and dresses.

So there you go, all (well, a part of) the things I got the past few months! There are some home wear bits we picked up yesterday that I will show you in a haul very soon, and there are some things on my wishlist as well that I’m hoping to get in the next month or so that I will share as soon as I get them because, like I said, I am going to try to do more small hauls more often. But we’ll see how that goes…

Thanks for stopping by ❤