What I Got For My Birthday 2017

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two!

Yes, you read that right! On Saturday the 16th of September 1995 I was born, which means last Saturday I turned 22. Now that I’m writing that I realize that that means that my birthday fell on the actual weekday that I was born this year, which is pretty cool 🙂

Anyways today I am showing you everything I got from my and my boyfriend’s family this year. I haven’t celebrated with my friends yet so I might show you what I got from them when I actually celebrate with them (if I ever get around planning that because I’m the worst at that, I always forget..), but for now it’s what I got from family or bought with birthday money. And boooooy was I spoiled this year ❤

Oh, and yes I had to use the Taylor Swift song.

What I got.

From both G’s father and his brother and his brothers girlfriend I got these beautiful flowers, and also this vase. I looove getting fresh flowers so this was perfect, and since I didn’t have a vase (I’ve been using my cocktail shaker whenever I did get flowers) the vase was also great to get!

From G’s mother I got a drying rack. Seems weird, but ours was held together by duck tape so I asked for it and am so happy with it! It is actually a lot sturdier that the one we had before (even before it started falling apart) so I feel like I won’t be needing duck tape for my laundry rack for a long time! She also gave me some nude more covering underwear, which I love wearing over my regular underwear underneath a shorter skirt or dress, so I have the feeling I’ll flash everyone when there’s wind or I’m on my bicycle.


From his sister I got this AMAZING smelling body oil, that also sinks into the skin super fast. I’m already thinking about asking my mom to get me more when she’s in Germany next so I’ll have backups for when I run out 😂


And from the boyfriend himself I got the most beautiful Swarovksi ring. We actually picked it out together when we were in Antwerp, so I had to wait a whole month before I could wear it! I am so so in love with it and I’ve been wearing it every day since I got it, and will probably continue doing that for a very long time.
Also, a little birthday present to myself was this gorgeous gel manicure that I actually got done the day before my birthday at Studio By in Delft, which is in our favourite new lunch place Sup-R. Legit the perfect me-colour and now I’m hooked and want gel manicures always.

Moving on to what I got from my parents. First was another laundry related item, which is this steam iron. Again, I asked for it and am so flipping happy that they gave it to me, because no more wrinkly clothes for us! From my sister I got money to get an ironing board, so I’m probably going to buy that tomorrow and them I’m all set with my laundry doing (if you didn’t know, I love doing laundry so all this makes me very excited).
The other thing was that my mom told me I could go buy a new cover for my Ikea Jennylund chair. I got it about 5 years ago from my grandparents, and had a soft floral cover on it for all those years but that cover is now completely gross and dirty so I’ve been wanting a new one for a while, and now my sweet parents gifted it to me. And I love the new clean créme cover! However, no one is allowed to eat or drink stain-y stuff in it yet haha.

From my aunt and uncle from mom’s side I got a gift card for a local drugstore, and with that I got these scented sticks for in our hallway and now out whole house smells like clean laundry (like I said, I love doing laundry and the smell of clean laundry is one of the reasons). I also got this tinted Burt’s Bees lip balm. I really like the soft red colour it gives my lips, perfect for those very lazy makeup days!


And lastly, from G’s 4 year old niece (which I guess means she’s my niece too) I got these drawings, which is so cute :).

What I bought.

So from my grandparents, my great aunt and uncle, my aunt and uncle from dad’s side, and my boyfriend’s father I got some money, and here’s what I bought with that:

G’s father gave me, aside from the flowers, also some money to buy a vase, so today I found this beautiful one in an interior shop in my town. I am actually in love with it, and I think it’ll look great with some sunflowers in it! Now I can have 2 bouquets of flowers in my house at all time (3 if I keep using that cocktail shaker)! I also bought this aloe vera plant and holder thingy from that money, because we managed to keep our very first plant alive for a whole year now so I though it was time for our second one 🙂

From the rest of the money (well, the part that I’m not saving) I got these organic cotton t-shirts from Hema, because I actually didn’t own a plain white and plain black long sleeved t-shirt (or short sleeved for that matter) and I was really missing that in my wardrobe. So now I’m a bit closer to building my essentials collection.


I picked up this adorable bralette at H&M because I didn’t only want to get practical essential stuff, but also some fun, cute, actual present-y things. I loooove the rose embroidery and the soft purple colour, and bralettes in general are the best.


And the last thing I bought were these striped loose fitting trousers from Mango. So not my typical style, but I saw them, tried them and loved them, so I got them. And I’ve actually been enjoying styling them and thinking of different outfits with these trousers. They work great with sneakers on a casual day, but paired with loafers or heels (or heeled booties, oooh yes😍) and a blouse they’ll also work well for my internship, and it’ll still feel like I’m wearing pajamas!

And that was all that I got for my birthday! The only thing I now need to get still is the ironing board, but like I said I’m hoping to get that tomorrow. I feel so lucky and spoiled with everything I got, and I had a great and lovely birthday surrounded by family 🙂

Thank you for stopping by ❤