Antwerp 2017 Haul

A few weeks late (or over a month, but who’s counting?), but it is finally here, my Antwerp haul!

So if you don’t know, my boyfriend and I went to Antwerp for 4 days last month. Now, before we went we decided that we wouldn’t shop that much, because we really didn’t need anything. Clearly we failed..

But I am very happy with everything I got, so let me just show you!


Sooo here is the first thing I wanna show you, and definitely my favourite. Which is good, because it will be on my body forever. But, as you could’ve read in my August Faves, I got my second tattoo! And I am so happy with it. I’ve been wanting a bird tattoo for a very long time, since before I got my first tattoo (a star on my ribs), but I wasn’t sure where yet, and how exactly I wanted it to look. For a while now I’ve been loving the idea of a small shoulder tattoo, so that’s why I decided for this spot. As for why I got it in Antwerp, my boyfriend and I had been joking about getting a tattoo as a souvenir, but I didn’t actually think we’d do it. However,in the afternoon on our last full day we were sitting on a bench in a pretty street eating cupcakes when my boyfriend told me he wanted to at least check how much the tattoo he wanted – a star on his arm – would cost. It so happened we were sitting across from a tattoo shop, so we went in, we asked, and because it so happened they had some time and it wasn’t too expensive, the bf decided to just get one. We went to dinner, and sometime during dinner I decided I was jealous so we went back to ask if they had some time the next day. But even better, they had time right then and there, again! So I got my second tattoo and I am over the moon happy. Definitely a good souvenir 🙂


Now on to the very first item I bought in Antwerp: these super cute fluffy pink slippers from Hunkemöller. Aren’t they cute?? They are soft and keep my feet nice and warm for the coming seasons, and they only cost me €7! (they were on sale). I’ve already worn them so much, and I am sure they’ll keep my toes warm all winter long 🙂


Another one of my favourite things I got are these jeans from Esprit. I have never gotten anything from that brand before, but I was in the store and saw these on the sale table, and I instantly fell in love. They are my perfect ripped baggy boyfriend/girlfriend type jeans. So comfortable as well, and I love that they are slightly cropped! Definitely will wear them until it gets too cold!


I’ll go over this book quickly because I already mentioned it in my August Faves, but I got Why fashion matters by Frances Corner in Antwerp after our visit to the Fashion Museum. It was such and interesting read, and I am so glad I picked it up! Also, I really like the cover!

I also got my very first Mac lipstick!! I’ve been wanting a Mac lipstick for a while now, because the whole internet seems to love them, and I knew I wanted a colour that was almost identical to my Hema Matte Lip Cream in Nude but in a solid lipstick form. So we went to the Mac counter, I told her what I was looking for, and she recommended Smoked Almond from their Liptensity range. And OMG I love it! It is, just as I wanted, basically identical to my Hema one, but a bit more nourishing. If this doesn’t make it to my September Faves, I don’t know what will..


On to the tops. My boyfriend didn’t like that I asked him to take this photo, but I couldn’t not show you my new favourite bralette. We went into the Björn Borg store because G loves their underwear, and whilst he was looking for the cutest pattern I spotted their bralettes on sale. I’ve never bought anything Björn Borg before because it is pretty expensive, but a) it was on sale, b) I didn’t own a basic nude bralette yet and c) it is sooooo comfy and cute as well! I am now hooked and want in in black and white as well. Also, I want one of their sweatpants because they are so flipping cozy!


Basic black cropped tank top. Can’t go wrong with one of those. I got this one at H&M and love it! However, I am kinda sad that I won’t be able to wear it for much longer has pretty much arrived. But maybe I can get away with styling it with some highwaisted jeans and a big cozy cardigan?


The other thing I picked up at H&M is this basic grey speckled t-shirt, because I am seriously lacking in the t-shirt department. I love this one a lot, It feels like pretty good quality and looks really nice as well. Great for work, for casual days, for layering.. Great for everything really. I also love the fact that it isn’t just plain grey, but has a little bit of detail because of the speckles.


This top I picked up from a store I had never been before, Subdued. I saw it and wanted to have a look inside, because their stuff looked cute. I actually got this top because G loved it on me, and I liked it a lot as well. I have yet to wear it though, because I feel like it is a bit too casual for work, but I haven’t reached for it on other days yet. However, I’m thinking paired with a highwaisted skirt, some tights and some cute booties – or maybe my loafers – it’ll be super cute!


My last thing is again one of my favourites, mainly because it perfectly shows of my little birdy. This off the shoulder top is from C&A. A bit different from what I normally wear, but I actually love the style! It looks so effortless and a bit sexy. It is definitely a summer top, but will also work great for those warmer fall days because of the slightly longer sleeves. However, I am mainly imagining it with a cute pair of shorts and giant sunglasses on a hot summer day.. Please please let there be a hot summer day next summer!

That is all I got in Antwerp! I think it’s a very acceptable amount of stuff, it all still fit in our bag when we went back home 🙂

I know this post was very late, but I’ll try to get back on a schedule now!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by ❤