5 Faves – August 2017

It is officially my birthday month 😀 Which also means it is time for my August 5 faves! (oops, one day late)

August has been a bit of a weird month for me. Terrible in terms of blogging, I believe I haven’t posted in 3 weeks (so sorry for that!), and off the internet I’ve been up and down. But I’ll get into all of that in another post coming soon (hopefully sometime early next week).

What has been a big and good things this month where our 4 day city trip to Antwerp, which was so much fun!! A haul of everything I got will be up soon, but I will give a little sneak peek of one thing I got:


Yes, I got my second tattoo and I am so happy with it! So that’s an extra favourite ;).

The other big thing this month was that I started my internship. Again, I will get into that a bit more in another blog post, but I will tell you right now that I am really enjoying it so far!

Now as for favourites, I am cheating a little bit. I got more than 5, but that’s because I have more than one favourite in certain categories and I couldn’t choose so I just included them all. But I’m sure you don’t mind, right?

Good. Let’s get into it then!


Hex – Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Sooo starting of with books, the first of my “double category”.
I started reading Hex in November of last year, right after I got it. I don’t know why, because I think I got quite into it in the beginning, but I stopped reading it for a while, I picked it up again, other books got between us again, etc. But then a few weeks ago the bf and I started watching this Dutch knowledge quiz kinda program where the writer, Thomas Olde Heuvelt, was one of the participants (he made it to the finals, yay! But for the very first time in the program a woman won which was even better), and I remembered the book, picked it up again, and finished it in probably less than 2 weeks.
And I really really enjoyed it! It was scary and gripping, and it had me on the edge of my seat sometimes wondering what would happen. And I am definitely going to pick up the Dutch version as well (I read this one in English) because when the book, originally written in Dutch, was translated to English Thomas Olde Heuvelt basically just rewrote the ending. So now I wanna know how the Dutch book ended.

Oh, and also, the writer is hella cute.

Why fashion matters – Frances Corner

The other book I finished this month is one I picked up in Antwerp, at the bookstore next to the Fashion Museum. It is written by the head of Londen College of Fashion, and it is basically a collection of 100 short essays, facts and questions all about why fashion matters. Way out of my reading comfort zone, but so very interesting! I liked how it touched on the “ugly” side of the industry as well, the way it affects the environment and the ethical issues. Very insightful, I would definitely recommend it if you are interested in fashion! Also, perfect handbag size and great for on the train!


Adidas & Dune

The other double category is shoes. I just couldn’t pick. So I picked 2.

My first favourite pair is mainly a favourite because I did not think any shoe could replace my beloved Superstars, but these Adidas Gazelles did. They are a very dark blue suede with white details, and they are just as comfortable and easy to style as my white sneakers. I wore them all 4 days in Antwerp, and not once were my feet hurting. No blisters, nothing!

My other favourite pair are these Dune London loafers I got mainly for work, but they obviously work outside of that as well. They are so pretty, simple, and again easy to style, and they fancy up any outfit! I like how I can wear them in the hot summer months, but they are also a great transition shoe for fall, and maybe even winter (but only with nice thick tights).


Michael Kors bag

I got this baby at the end of July, and have been loving it ever since. I have for a while wanted a bag to replace my Longchamp Le Pliáge bag, because it’s been getting worn out, and when I saw this bag in the sale I decided to just get it. It is legit perfect! It fits the right amount of stuff, but I can’t overfill it, it is a bit slouchy when it is full which makes it look really nice, and it has these handy side pockets where I can keep my cardholder and keys so I don’t lose them in the depth of the bag. It also comes with a long strap but I never really use it. But of an investment, but I am definitely getting my money’s worth out of it.


Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Sexy Black mascara

Yes, I have said goodbye to my beloved Diorshow Blackout, and started on a new mascara. And I love this one as well! Obviously, otherwise it wouldn’t be in my favourites… I got this one in a set in July, and have been using it ever since. I first of all love the packaging, the gold with the black lace is so very pretty! But I’m also very much feeling the things it does to my lashes. It is not as whaboom so to speak as the Dior one I used before this one, but the length it gives my lashes is crazy, and it still gives a nice amount of blackness. And again, the packaging is just great!


Helena Rubenstein eye makeup remover

My last favourite is another Helena Rubenstein product, one that came with the mascara. This eye makeup remover legit blew my mind. It had been a while since I used an actual eye makeup remover, I kind of just used my micellar water for that, but when I used this the first time I was like “okay not going back to that ever again”. It is just so much easier with this stuff, and it is waaaaaay milder on my eyes! It is one of those oil & water things that you have to shake before using it, and it legit just took my mascara off like a dream. This is however a travel size, so I’m dreading the day I run out and have to buy the full size, because I can imagine it won’t be cheap..


And there you have it my 5 (but actually 7 but actually 8) favourites of August 2017. I am trying to get back into blogging this month, starting with that haul and little catch up I mentioned before hopefully this coming week.

Thanks for stopping by!