She Loves Mila Haul

I meant to do this blog post last week but I was kinda lazy and kinda busy so here it is a little bit late but still relevant: my She Loves Mila haul.

Bit of background info before we get into the items I got.

She Loves Mila is a Dutch online boutique. Their motto “clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will” says it all, they don’t just want to make us women look good, but also make us feel ready to conquer the world! Mila stands for Motivation, Inspiration, Love and Ambition. How great is that?


When I got a message from the owner of the site a few months ago asking if I wanted to order some items from their website with my own personal discount code and then post a nice picture of it on Instagram, I had a look at their Instagram page and website, and said YES! Why? Because I like what they stand for, and I love their items.

So I ordered some items from their site, all of which have been featured on my Instagram and here on the blog, and I have been loving them. So when they reached out to me again if I wanted to order some more things, I did not hesitate to say yes. And boy, am I happy I said yes, because I once again love the items I got from them!


Starting off with this crop top, the item I immediately knew I was gonna get. This, for me, is perfect for when I go clubbing (which I don’t do that often but for when I do it’s nice to have something), paired with a pair of high-waisted (mom) jeans it looks great! But I am also imagining it with a pretty skirt on those hot summer days. It is slightly see trough, but that doesn’t bother me at all, I actually think it makes the top look extra sexy. But because of the high neckline it is definitely not too much. The knotted/wrap-over detail in the front and the silver metallic threads woven through the fabric make it more interesting than just a plain blue top, and I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this!


The second item I got is something my boyfriend thought was really cute, and I am so glad I listened to him. These pink trousers are perfect for my internship I’ve just started, they are classy and cute, and way more interesting than a plain black pair. But they are also great pair with a tee and some sneakers like in this picture, for a casual day out. And they are sooo comfortable, which makes me love them 10 times more!
I also like the fact that they have actual functioning pockets 🙂


The last items I got this time is this blouse (which I sadly can’t find on the site anymore). Again, partly keeping in mind that I was starting my internship, but again waaaay more versatile than just for work. I am seeing this paired with some distressed shorts (the ones I got from SLM with my last order, for example), or just some jeans. Sneakers, flats, boots, a good pair of high heels.. I am seeing this top with everything in my wardrobe, basically. The thing I was a bit scared about – that it would be a bit see through – I don’t have to worry about at all! I mean, I wouldn’t wear a hot pink floral bra underneath, but any neutral coloured one works perfectly. Nicely light and airy, but also great for layering with a cute blazer of comfy knitted cardigan. Oh, yes, I am so happy with this blouse.

As for sizing: the cropped top I got in a small, the trousers I got in a medium, and the blouse I got in a large. All fit me perfectly in these sizes. I am pretty tall (175 cm) and my shoulders are quite broad, hence the sizing up in the last 2 items.


I would highly recommend checking out She Loves Mila, because their items are so cute!

Thanks again to them for reaching out to me ❤

And thank you for stopping by!