Low Rise Jeans & Little Chat

Right, so I haven’t posted in over a week. So sorry for that!

Today I thought I would just catch up a bit and share another one of my outfits.


As always I’ll start with catching up.

As you might know I went to Germany and Denmark last week with my dad to drop off my mom in Hamburg and pick up my boyfriend in middle of nowhere Denmark. Despite sitting in the car for most of the trip it was so much fun! We saw a bit of Hamburg (and I really want to go back!), we explored this beautiful small town in Denmark which was apparently one of the oldest towns in the country, and we found – kind of by accident – a beautiful German Wadden sea town and an amazing camping really close by! Sadly we could only spent about half a day there, because we had to drive back to the Netherlands.. But I will definitely go back to Husum (or Humus as my dad kept calling it…)
I also discovered that I’m actually pretty good at reading a map. Yay me!


Since I’ve been back though I have been feeling very very unproductive. I just haven’t been able to do anything bloggy, or anything else I need to do. Even the house is a giant mess. I think it partly has to do with the fact that my boyfriend now has his summer break, and so he doesn’t really have to do anything. Which makes me want to not do anything as well. It’s just hard to motivate myself to do anything. Also the weather has been not so great. which means the lighting has been not so great.

And also, I’ve been in this weird mood ever since I’ve been back. I’m not necessarily been feeling down and depressed, but just in a weird unmotivated kind of cranky mood. I’m hoping to get myself out of it really soon because this is just annoying. I’ve already bought myself some sunflowers to brighten up my days and some candy because candy always makes me happy (yay farmers market even in the rain) and the fact that I’m working on some blog posts (including this one) right now also makes me feel better!


I am also just really nervous about starting my internship next week (or maybe tomorrow depending on if I put this post up on Sunday or Monday, haven’t decided yet).
I know everything will probably go fine and the people I’ve met so far are really nice, but still.. It is super scary starting something like this after over 4 years of not really doing anything. To give me a bit of a confidence boots I should probably plan out a few outfits now so I don’t have to worry about that when I start.

I will definitely do some work wear outfit posts!


Speaking of outfits, let’s get into this one.

I am wearing this Urban Outfitters t-shirt that I like but find quite hard to style. Something it the fit makes it not pair too well with most of my jeans it seems..

It does pair well with my Levis thought, I hardly ever wear those either, because they are less stretchy that my other jeans and they are low-rise, which is something I’m not always comfortable with. However I have those days that I just want to wear them, so I do. And the make my butt look great!!

Lastly I just wore my beloved All Stars that really really really need to be cleaned.


For outside I paired the whole thing with my new rain coat – yes I finally got a rain coat – that I will share on the blog very soon! (It’s actually a cute one and not one of those ugly ones that your mom makes you wear)


Yay, okay, that was it for today.

Wow that’s a lot of rhyme words in one sentence..

Sorry for complaining a lot in this post, I just needed to get some things out. And what better way to get something off your chest than posting about it on the Internet?

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post non-the-less!

Thanks for stopping by!