What I Pack – Road Trip To Denmark

As you are reading this I am probably somewhere in Hamburg. Or maybe I’ve already arrived in Denmark, I don’t know. What I do know is that today I am showing you the stuff I brought with me on this road trip.

So let’s first chat about the trip itself. The plan is to take 5 days to drive up to Denmark, pick up my boyfriend, and drive back. On the first day my mom, dad and I will drive to Hamburg where we will drop my mom off and spend the night at her boyfriend’s (still sounds weird) house. Then my dad and I will probably spent at least part of the day in Hamburg exploring the city (at least I hope so) and then we will drive to where my boyfriend is currently staying. It’s a relatively short drive, so that’s good.

Again, we will spent the night there, and then probably spend another day just exploring that part of Denmark, drive down to the coast, spend the day in a cute little town, maybe make our way to the border, and look for a camping. We’ll spend the last 2 days driving back to the Netherlands, probably making a lot of stops along the way and staying at another camping for the night.

Since I don’t know what the weather will be like, and because I want to be ready for all the possible scenario’s, and I want to be comfortable in the car, and I want to look cute for Instagram pictures, I may or may not have overpacked a little bit. Nothing new there.

First, though, the things I didn’t photograph.

Since we’re going camping I need to bring a tent (okay, my dad’s on tent duty), a sleeping bag, a pillow for both me and G (the bf), and something to sleep on. I did not take any photo’s of that stuff, because most of it is at my mom’s house so I don’t have it here right now.
And I’m sure you all know what a pillow looks like.
Also I’m sure I forgot some things whilst I was laying everything out for the photo’s, and knowing me I’ll add some stuff last minute, but you’ll probably see that on Instagram if it’s cute enough.
For example, I’m thinking of maybe bringing my bathing suit just in case.

On to the beauty bits:


Starting with eye makeup because I like to just move in random order:

  • an eyeshadow brush, a blending brush and a brush for lighter colours
  • an eyeshadow palette. I’m planning on – if I even end up wearing makeup – just trowing one colour all over the lid, so I didn’t bring a super versatile palette
  • an eye pencil (that I still need to sharpen)
  • my beloved mascara that I probably need to repurchase soon……
  • a light eyeshadow to use as a base
  • my lash curler

I just realized that I didn’t include my eyeshadow primer, so I hope I’ve added that by the time you see this.


The other makeup-y bits:

  • a powder brush
  • a highlighter brush
  • my eyebrow gel
  • my eyebrow pencil, again a thing I need to sharpen
  • concealer. Very much needed I’m sure
  • my powder
  • a nude lipstick
  • a reddish lipstick in case I’m feeling fancy
  • a nude lip liner because it goes with everything

Did I forget anything? No. Great, let’s move on.


Time for the skincare. Very important, even if you’ll be spending most of the time in a car.

  • cotton pads. Don’t want to be taking of my makeup with makeup wipes 5 days long
  • makeup wipes. In case I’m lazy
  • SPF 50 day cream. I’d rather bring a higher SPF and not really need it than a lower one and missing the higher. If that makes sense..
  • face wash. I finally found a mini face wash, at Rituals in case you are wondering. Legit been looking everywhere for a travel sized one, and now I finally have it. I don’t know if it’s any good but it’s better than nothing
  • night cream
  • lip balm
  • eye cream
  • micellar water for taking makeup off


And the last little bit of beauty stuff is….

  • a mini hair brush. How cute is this one?
  • an extra hair tie. I’ll probably bring 2 more
  • mini deodorant
  • these little wrist bands that help me not get car sick. Not beauty stuff, but very necessary for when you go on a road trip and get car sick easily
  • a mini body lotion
  • toothpaste. I did end up packing a different one because I’m running out of this one. I don’t know why that’s interesting for you though
  • toothbrush. Duh
  • sunscreen. Again, not taking any chances
  • mini body wash
  • my boyfriend’s favourite perfume on me

Time for the fashion stuff:


  • enough socks and underwear to last me the whole trip and some extra’s. There is also a bralette in there
  • cozy socks for camping
  • pajama shorts in case it’s warm
  • a shirt to sleep in
  • pajama bottoms (okay, actually workout leggings) in case it’s cold


I realized I didn’t show my belt in any of the pictures, but I’m bringing that as well. Just to make the outfits look a bit more fun, you know πŸ™‚

  • my favourite pair of super stretchy black jeans
  • a black maxi skirt in case the weather is nice. Also, very very very comfy for a long car ride
  • my Zara mom jeans because cute


I’m starting with the warm weather tops. I’ve just decided to bring stuff to layer with, so I can put something on or take something off depending on the weather.

  • a grey crop top
  • a black crop top that used to be a cami but I kinda cut the bottom half off..
  • a bodysuit that I actually got at the H&M lingerie section but it actually works great as a regular top
  • a pink flowy silky top


Like I said, layers. Also, t-shirt.

  • how could I go on this trip without brining my Babygirl sweater??
  • a denim/chambray shirt because I can throw this over any shirt I bring and look cute
  • a long sleeved crop top. I think this will look really cute with the pink top underneath
  • my Ice Queen t-shirt because obsessed


I also brought one dress in case it is super hot. This one is one of the clothing items I got from my grandma (she’s decluttering and I love it) and aside from it looking really cute it is also nice and lightweight.


I am only bringing 2 pairs of shoes. I was considering bringing either my Converse or some sandals as well, but I decided against it when I remembered I need to bring all this stuff to Delft first. So I went for Adidas to walk in and some simple flip-flops in case it is hot. Also great to quickly slip on and off in the car.

Books books books:


I know myself and my dad. We will probably stop at a lot of cafes and just sit and read for a while. Or we’ll sit in front of our tent with our noses in our books. Do a little reading before bed. I know that G brought a book with him to Denmark, even though he’s not that big of a reader.
What I’m trying to say is that I could not go on this trip without bringing one or two good books with me. These are the ones I picked πŸ™‚ you can read more about them in my latest Books & Coffee post.  What I will say though, is that since I am writing this on Saturday. And I am about halfway through The Raven King. So if I do end up finishing it before I leave (which is likely) I will bring Michael Connelly’s The Wrong Side Of Goodbye instead.

Some random stuff that doesn’t fit into a category:


These last bits are mostly the basic stuff and some things I decided or remembered to add at the last minute.

  • my new liquid lipstick that I bought right after I took the pictures of what makeup I wanted to bring
  • sunglasses
  • charger
  • a pen in case I want to write something down
  • hand sanitizer
  • dry shampoo because I only wash my hair once a week and I’ll probably be washing it either tonight for me (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday). So dry shampoo is much needed this trip
  • my card holder. I won’t be carrying any cash this trip so this will do
  • a notebook in case I want to write something down
  • towels. Something I thought off whilst collecting the stuff for this picture. You can’t go camping without towels, but I almost forgot..

Okay, I think that’s all! I will also be bringing my keys, birth control pill, snacks and a water bottle of course, but I didn’t add them to the picture. Mainly because I was lazy. Sorry..
Since I am already on the trip when you are reading this there will probably be some pictures up on my Instagram already, so go check that out if you’re interested!

Thanks for stopping by!