Current Makeup Favourites

Today’s post is dedicated to my current favourite makeup products. And to be completely honest, it’s mainly my favourite lip products, because I have been loving lip products.

I feel like, although I do my 5 Faves post every month, some of my favourite products aren’t really mentioned on my blog that often. It’s partly because in my 5 Faves I tend to mostly share products I discovered that month, or at least rediscovered. So the products I have been loving consistently for a long time now don’t really get as much love on the blog, which is really a shame.

Some of these have been featured on the blog before, and some of these are newer products, but all of them are big favourites right now.

I’ll start of with the non-lip product faves, because like I said, the majority is lip stuff.


I picked up this contouring kit in a drugstore in Germany when I was visiting there. It’s from the brand Manhattan, which I am pretty sure is just the German version of Rimmel, because the price is pretty much the same and the products are as well.
It comes with a GORGEOUS highlight, a blush which I have actually been liking a lot even though I am not a blush girl, and a bronzer than kind of scares me because bronzer in general scares me, but that I have still been liking and using (with a VERY light hand).


This Essence Colour Intensefying eyeshadow base has been a favourite for about a year now I think. I used to use the regular yellow toned one, which is also very good, but I feel like this pale pink shade actually makes my eyeshadow look better, which I’m all for. It’s super cheap and makes my look last all day. Will definitely keep repurchasing this one!


One of two high end products in this post, and I kinda hate that I love this mascara so much because it is so expensive. Also, the fact that my Diorshow Blackout mascara is featured will probably come as no surprise if you have been following my blog a bit, because I fell in love with it the second I used it. And I will definitely get this again. It is probably the best mascara I’ve ever used, which is so annoying since it is around €35….
But, I will happily put aside that money every few months for this glorious gift from the gods.

Time for the lip products that I’ve been very happily wearing now that the bf’s gone.

He doesn’t like it when I wear it because then he can’t kiss me. How cute ❤


Moving on to the other high end product. I did not purchase this myself (thank god), my grandma got this for me. She likes to spoil her grandchildren. This is a Sisley lipstick in L23, which is the longlasting formula. Is it longlasting? Not really. Is it super pretty? Hell yes! I like to wear this on its own or layer it with a nude or brownish pink lip liner to make it more intense and last longer. It is stunning, it is comfortable on the lips, and the packaging is very beautiful. Which is also kind of important sometimes.



From the very expensive to the very cheap. This is the Essence Colour & Care lipstick in 03 Life’s a Runway (I googled the name because as you can see it rubbed off..). This is my go to lipstick whenever I want to wear something but not really look like I’m wearing something. For me this is probably the perfect everyday nude. I love how comfortable this lipstick is, and it actually feels like it moisturizes my lips as well. Also, colour pay off is pretty great as well.


If you haven’t ever tried Hema makeup, go do that now. If there is a Hema where you live. Because their makeup is actually pretty great, and also very affordable. I have been loving their Matt Lip Cream in 02 Pink lately. A beautiful colour, very matte, stays on for a long time, is not actually that uncomfortable considering it’s a matte lipstick, and did I mention how affordable it was? I feel like my camera doesn’t pick up how gorgeously pink this colour actually is, but let me tell you, it is.


Last but not least, the Essence lipliner in 11 In the Nude. I really like Essence lipliners anyway, and this one is no exception. I wear this underneath all my neutral (and sometimes less neutral) lipsticks, or on its own with a gloss or lip balm on top. I love the colour – can you tell I’m into nudes? – and I’m pretty sure this was only €1,-. Like, you can’t really go wrong with that. The only downside is that, because it’s a lipliner, it does kind of dry out my lips a bit. But it’s nothing a good lip balm can’t prevent, so really nothing to complain here!

Alright, after all this makeup love I think I should probably put some on my face. Hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for stopping by!