Leopard Blouse & First Outfit Post

Hey hey hey my first outfit post is up today!

OMG that rhymed. And wasn’t funny at all…

Anyways, you might be wondering what all this is about. So let me tell you.

I love fashion. Putting outfits together and sharing them with the world is something I’ve been enjoying ever since I got a smartphone and thus access to Instagram. I’ve been posting outfit of the day photo’s for years now, and have been loving it, because fashion is a big passion of mine. (okay I need to stop this rhyming thing).
However I feel like, as much as I love fashion, it doesn’t get featured on my blog as much as I want it to. Probably because I always feel like my posts need to be long and well thought out and stuff, and also because I have a hard time coming up with blog posts that are completely about fashion, or my outfits or whatever.


So the other day I told myself “Okay, Tara. Stop thinking everything has to be so complicated for yourself” – always the perfectionist right here, I make this waaaay too complicated for myself usually – “just post an outfit every once in a while.”

So that’s what I’m gonna do. Or try to do. Just share an outfit I wear on here every once in a while. Tell you some thoughts I have about it, or chat about other things whilst showing what I’m wearing. Just a short and sweet post every once in a while. Like once a week or something, sometime more often, sometimes less often, depending on how I’m feeling.


But now that I explained what this post is all about, and my plans for future posts, let’s get into the actual outfit.

I wore this last Thursday. Wasn’t doing much that day, mainly hung out around the house, but I wanted to look cute anyway. Later in the day I went and picked up my American best friend from the bust stop because she was staying over at my house, and we basically watched horror movies all night. Good times.


I was wearing my Only leopard shirt that you’ve seen a couple of times before, that I am still in love with.
Jeans are Only as well. Because that’s the only place I get my jeans from, pretty much.
My belt is H&M. More on that in Friday’s post 😉
I’m not wearing shoes in this shot because like I said I spent most of the day inside, but when I did finally leave the house I wore my beloved black Converse.


Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think of these type of posts 🙂

Have a lovely Sunday!