Empties #3

Guess what? We are gonna go through my trash again today!

Ew, no, not really. But I am showing you all the products I used up recently again.


I feel like there was a Batiste dry shampoo in my last Empties as well, but what can I say, I love this stuff! Although I am currently using one from Colab that I also like a lot.


I used up the Garnier Loving Blends Argan & Camelia oil hair mask. I like this a lot and it smells good, however I am currently using another one from the Garnier Loving Blends line that legit blew my mind. But more on that in Friday’s post 😉


I used up 2 sunscreens. The first one is this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration with SPF 30. I got this a few years ago in the UK and I am so sad we can’t get it here in The Netherlands because it is really nice and smells so good! I also liked the fact that it also hydrated my skin. Definitely recommend!


The other sunscreen I used up is this one from Cien that I get at the Lidl, a supermarket here in Europe (well, I know it’s in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium). This is €4, so probably the cheapest sunscreen I’ve ever seen. And I really like it! It is not super sticky, it smells like basic sunscreen, it protects my skin, and did I mention how cheap it was?!


Moving on to a shower gel. I got this one last year on holiday because I forgot to bring shower gel. This smelled nice and it reminded me of my holiday, but it wasn’t anything special.


A lovely little The Body Shop body sorbet sample in the Moringa scent. Love love love. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Body Shop body product I didn’t love the smell of.. Once I run out of the body sorbet I’m using now I might get the full size of this one 🙂


I didn’t fully use this up, but it was kind of going bad. I quite liked this Catrice Prêt-à-Volume mascara. It is not super voluminous (is that the right word?) but I actually like the more natural mascara look every once in a while. However, nothing tops my Diorshow Blackout mascara.


This is actually so old, and I don’t know why I was still hanging on to this Bourjois Healthy Balance powder, so I finally decided to get rid of this. I really like this powder and I am currently using a newer one (that I’ve also already hit pan on), and I will probably repurchase this again.


Last but not least, a Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume sample. I used to own this fragrance years ago and this reminded me how much I used to love this! Definitely adding this to my list of perfumes I want to buy once I run out of other perfumes..

There you go, all the products I used up recently. I am almost out of some other products,  so another one of these post will probably be up soon :).

Thanks for stopping by!