Travel Diary – Weekend In Germany

Today’s blog post is a very long but exciting one for me because I get to relive last weekend. And let me tell you, last weekend was fun!

So as you probably know if you follow me on Instagram or read my previous blog post, I spend last weekend in Germany with one of my best friends, who is doing an internship there. She is currently in her last few weeks, so I had to visit her and see where she’s been hanging out all these months before she would move back to The Netherlands.

I was actually so excited for this trip, not only because I got to visit my friend but also because I don’t think I’ve ever been to Germany, at least not that I remember. So I was excited to explore this new country, even if it was only one very small part of it.

Like I said, it’s a long one, with lots of pictures. So grab a cup of tea, coffee or whatever else you like and let’s get into it!

Day 1:


I went to Germany by train, which is about a 3 hour journey. The first part of the journey I mostly read my book (currently reading The Obsidian Chamber by Preston & Child and I’m really enjoying it), but the second part of the train I just looked out of the window at the landscape. It’s so interesting to see how it kind of looks like The Netherlands, but at the same time it is so very different. Holland is pretty much completely flat. Like, no hills at all, unless you go to Limburg. So I wasn’t really used to seeing hills out of my train window. It was really beautiful though.

After a few delays and a struggle with the ticket machine because I don’t speak German and don’t know the train system in Germany (thanks again to the nice lady who helped me out) I finally arrived in Welver, the small town my friend Anne has been living in for the past few months.

First, of course, I had to drop my bags off at her place and she had to give me a tour of her house and workplace. After that we went for a walk, just to see the area. It is beautiful, with lot’s of farmland. We ran into some horses that wanted to say hello, took some pictures and just chatted about our plans for the weekend and what has been going on in our lives.



After our walk we went home, had some dinner, watched She’s The Man (love that movie) and then we got ready for the evening. There was this festival going on in Welver, something to do with shooting at a fake bird on a pole, crowning a king and choosing a queen. Neither of us really got it. But because of the festival there was this disco and we decided to check it out. It was actually quite fun. We did some dancing, did some drinking, and after a few hours we went home, where we hung out on the grass for a while staring at the stars, and then we watched The Lion King until we fell asleep.

Day 2:

The first thing we did after getting reading (and finish watching The Lion King) was do a little bit of shopping. There is this new drugstore in town and I really wanted to see if they had some fun makeup brands we don’t get here in The Netherlands. I forgot to take a picture of the stuff I got, but basically I got some snacks, some scented candles that smell amazing, a lip gloss and one of those little highlighter bronzer and blush combo palettes.

After the makeup shopping we went strawberry picking!! I was so excited to do this. Although it was pretty cloudy it also was nice and warm, so a perfect day to head to the strawberry fields. The 15 minute bike ride killed me though. Like I mentioned before, here in Holland we are used to flat. Germany is not flat. Also, my bike was to low for me which makes cycling even harder. I swear I almost fainted by the time we arrived at our destination, but once I felt better we went into the fields. And it was so much fun! The strawberries were giant and delicious, so juicy and sweet. We could pick as many as we wanted, and only had to pay for the ones we took home. So after picking and eating strawberries and just sitting by the fields and talking and having some rice crackers as well, a bit of a mini picnic, we filled up a box with strawberries and went home. Again, I almost died.

When we got home we made some dinner, watched a horror movie and then half of The Road To El Dorado (another one of my faves) and fell asleep.



(how to find and eat a strawberry)




Day 3:

Sunday, my last day in Germany, was a very hot day. I believe it was around 30°C so we really wanted to make the most of the lovely weather. We first had a mini photoshoot in the garden, because we love doing photoshoots together, and the garden is absolutely stunning.

After taking the pictures we went on another bike ride, this time to the old part of Welver to go for a walk and then eat cake at this cute little place Anne had discovered. The old part of Welver was absolutely stunning! It had a beautiful white church, all these stunning old buildings and house, small streets and a gorgeous cemetery. It was so lovely just walking around the small town and looking at everything.


Behind the cemetery was a small forest and more farm fields, a beautiful place for a short hike. We met some cows that were really cute, and some bugs that annoyed the hell out of us.


And last but not least in the old part of Welver, the cakes. We went to little bakery in an old monastery. The pies were all homemade by the owner and her daughters. And they were so stunning and so good! I had a chocolate cappuccino pie and Anne had a strawberry pie. We both had mint tea. It was such a cute place and the people were so nice! If you ever happen to be in Welver, you should totally go there!


The rest of the day we sat in the garden at Anne’s house, chatting, reading, enjoying the sunshine, until, at 16:30, I had to get the train back home.

I had the best time in Germany and really want to explore more of the country. Hamburg and Berlin are definitely on my list, and pretty much all the places with old pretty German castles.

Thanks for stopping by!