Thrifted Items #1

Ever since moving in with my boyfriend I have been loving secondhand shopping. Probably because his mother is  big fan of it, and she knows all the good places in the area. Every once in a while we go thrift shopping together, but these days I also like to go on my own whenever I feel like I need something new in my wardrobe or house.
And today I am sharing some of the pieces I’ve picked up over this last year!


Let’s start with the non-fashion item, and probably my most used one as well. My boyfriend and I spotted this couch last year in a secondhand shop and fell in love, and since we didn’t have our own couch – we were using one that we borrowed from his mom – we decided to get this one. And I love it! It is so comfortable and still in great condition, and I like how it brings a bit of colour into our interior.



How cute are these trousers? They are comfortable, they fit well, they are a nice change from all the jeans I normally wear. I do still have a hard time styling them, but I love them non the less. I believe they are originally from Urban Outfitters, but I got them for €6 at the thrift store!



The one item I got at a different store than the other ones. A €1 store, to be exact. Yes, a secondhand store where everything is only €1! How great?! I love the button detail on this top, it makes it a bit more interesting. It fits really well and is very soft and comfortable, and because of the colour it goes with everything.



So, I don’t really know why I got this blazer because I don’t really wear blazers a lot. But for some reason I just wanted it. I like the colour, it fits nicely, and I am determent to find a time to wear it. Because let’s be real, blazers aren’t that hard to style, right?



Last but not least, probably my most expensive thrifted clothing item, but I love it so much! It is this silk shirt that I got for €10, and I love the fact that it’s slightly cropped. It is very soft and, again, so comfortable. I think it is a great piece for all year round, paired with shorts, a skirt, jeans, a blazer, trousers if I need to look a bit more business-y… Lots of cute stuff 🙂

I truly love thrift shopping, and am happy with pretty much everything I have gotten so far. It is way cheaper and better for the world 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!