Collective Haul #2

Time for another collective haul!

Today I am sharing some items I picked up over the last month or so. Most of these are fashion-y things, but I have a few beauty items too and also a planner!
Since I’ve had some of these items for over a month now you’ll have probably seen them on my Instagram or blog already, but that only means I actually use these things, so that’s a good thing! Also, I will try to keep the talking to a minimum, because I have quit a lot to show you.

And with that being said, let’s get into the haul.


I thought I’d start it off with the beauty bits, and more specifically my new pride and joy: my Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy eyeshadow palette in 02 Ivory Power. Since I’ve hit pan in (on?) 4 of the shadows in my beloved Naked Basics palette I thought it was time to invest in a new small versatile palette. Oh, boy, was this palette expensive (it cost me €43 because I got a little Ici Paris XL member discount) but I love it so much and have been using it a ton since I got it 2 weeks ago. It is the perfect every day palette for me, with all the neutral colors I need and this stunning shimmery shade to spice it up a bit. Definitely a good investment!



From the very expensive to the very cheap. €2 to be exact, or was it €1,50? Anyways, I picked up this facial oil at Kruitvat, mainly because of the packaging. Because let’s be real, doesn’t it look super cute? And I thought that, since facial oils have been everywhere these days, I’d give it a try. I’ve been using this oil almost every night for the last few weeks and I actually really like it. My skin feels moisturized and nice and soft, so definitely worth the €2!



Something I picked up at the same time that I got the facial oil is this eye cream. Again because of the packaging and the fact that is was super cheap. But again, I also really like this product! The skin around me eyes feels moisturized and happy, so I take that as a good sign. Not very travel-friendly packaging however, but I can live with that.



Moving on tho accessories. I got these sunglasses at this vintage store in Utrecht, Episode, and I love them so much! The shape is different from anything else I got, but still so me. €10 well spend 🙂



Now, I love my cardholder to pieces, but it only fits my most used cards, and there’s not really any place to put some cash. So I went on the hunt for a small wallet that would hold the rest of my cards and cash. And I found this baby at this cute little store in Delft called Bij Marlies (if you’re ever in Delft you should totally check it out). It’s from the brand O My Bag, and it is everything I had been looking for. It’s small, simple, holds all the stuff I need it to hold, and it also looks very nice.



The last item before we get into the clothes is this planner. Mascha, a Dutch youtuber, brought out this planner, and when I saw the video she did on it I just felt like I needed it. So I ordered it. And I love it. I just feel very organized using it, it has enough space for me to write down everything I need to do, everywhere I need to go, and some little extra things as well. It looks really pretty, and the best part? It comes with a bunch of stickers so I can be extra organized!



Now let’s get into the clothes! Starting off with an item that has been featured on my blog and Instagram multiple times, and for good reason because I still love my Babygirl sweater from Stitch, Please. And you can still use the promo code taramonfils15 for a 15% discount on a maximum of 4 items. And I’m pretty sure you can still get this sweater so what are you waiting for? 😉



The other Stitch, Please item I picked up was their Ice Queen patch t-shirt. Now, when I ordered this I wasn’t entirely sure if the whole over-sized t-shirt look would be for me, but I absolutely love this shirt! I cannot wait to wear this with a pair of shorts and sneakers, or to throw over my bathing suit when I’m at the beach. But, as you can see, it also looks good with a pair of yoga leggings and a sleepy face.



Speaking of shorts, I picked up these cute denim shorts from the webshop She Loves Mila, and again, I love them. They are a size small and they fit me really well, although if you like you’re shorts to fit a little more baggy I’d size up if I were you. but I love that they are high-waisted and distressed, and the white line down the sides makes them a little more fun.



I also picked up this denim jacket from She Loves Mila, and I am obsessed. First of all, the pearls are stunning, and – very important – they are attached really well so they don’t feel like they will fall off. Also, it is very lightweight so I won’t get too hot when I wear this. It is the perfect mix between feminine (because pearls) and bad-ass (because denim jacket and distressed).



Lastly from She Loves Mila I got this dreamy summer dress with cold shoulders. It’s a bit shorter that I am used too, mainly because these days I am used to midi skirts and dresses, but I love it non the less. It is cute and flow-y and summer-y and I love the print, the ruffles and the neckline. I cannot wait for those hot summer days and my boyfriend to come back so I can wear it on a cute picnic date with my boyfriend. If I can convince him to o picnicking with me..



And last but not least, from that same vintage store in Utrecht, I picked up this dress. I’ve been looking for a dress like this for months now, with the buttons down the front and that vintage-y look. And now I found it. And I love it. It is a really nice length, and I think it’ll pair well with sandals, but also with some strappy heels of sneakers. And maybe that denim jacket?
Again, I can’t wait to wear it more once the weather clears up again, because it is currently rainy, windy and cold outside. Sad times..

So that’s all I picked up over the last month or so. Definitely a good haul, I’d say. Very happy with all my new bits.

Thanks for stopping by!