What I Pack #1 – 2 Nights in Delft

Today I am kicking off my What I Pack series. I am sharing what I bring on my trips this summer, and I thought I’d start off with this little trip I make quite often.

This past weekend I went to my hometown Delft for a few nights to go clubbing with my friends and to see my parents. Like I said, I do this quite often, just spend one or two nights at my parents so I can hang out with them or my friends. So I thought it would be fun to show you what I packed.

The basics:


Starting off with what I usually bring with me anyways, a little what’s in my bag.

  • A book for the train journey relaxing
  • My phone charger
  • A USB stick because I needed to print somethings at my mom’s house
  • My cardholder with all my important cards
  • Sunglasses
  • An extra hair tie
  • My house keys and the keys to both my parent’s houses
  • The lipstick I was wearing
  • Mints, because I don’t want smelly breath
  • A compact powder that doubles as  a mirror
  • A scarf in case I’d get cold. Definitely didn’t need it


The makeup:


Usually if I go clubbing and only spend one night in Delft I bring minimal makeup, but because I was there for 2 days and I also had to shoot some pictures I brought a bit more.

  • My lash curler
  • My new Estée Lauder eyeshadow palette (more on that in a post next week)
  • All the brushes I needed
  • An eyeshadow base to make my shadows last
  • Concealer
  • My favourite mascara
  • Eyebrow gel
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • A black eyepencil

Like I mentioned before, my powder and lipstick were in my handbag. I usually also bring a bigger mirror, but I totally forgot one this time.


The other beauty stuff:


Of course makeup is not all the beauty stuff I need, so here’s the rest of the beauty stuff I brought. I forgot a hair brush, but luckily I could borrow my mom’s, and I did bring sunscreen but I forgot to put it in the picture.

  • Makeup wipes
  • Face wash
  • A facial sunscreen to re-apply
  • My daily moisturizer with SPF 50
  • A perfume
  • My birth control pill
  • Eye cream
  • Nightly moisturizer
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • Micellair water for on the wipes for some extra makeup removal
  • A lip balm with SPF


The clothes:


Now as for the clothes. Normally I would just wear my clubbing outfit, but because it was so hot on Saturday I wore something else. I obviously also brought clean socks and underwear but I took these pics whilst unpacking and had already put those in the laundry.

  • My mom jeans, that I wore clubbing. The pockets are nice and deep so I could fit my phone, cash, keys and ID.
  • The top I wore clubbing
  • Pajama’s
  • A black tank top in case Sunday was as hot as Saturday
  • A blouse in case Sunday was colder


What I wore:


So I didn’t wear my jeans when I went to Delft because it was too hot. Instead I wore this blush velvet slip dress and my Adidas (what else) that I wore all weekend.


The extra:


Now like I said I needed to shoot some pictures whilst in Delft, and these were the 2 items I brought for that. I did end up wearing both of them, especially the jacket came in handy 🙂 they’re both from She Loves Mila (jacket here and shorts here) and I really love them!


Thanks for stopping by!