1 Week, No Jeans

So, this week I decided to try to not wear jeans for the whole week. Today I am telling you how it went.

If you know me, or follow me on Instagram, you will know that I live in jeans. Mostly skinny jeans, but I have recently fallen in love with mom jeans as well. So not wearing jeans for a whole week was kind of weird for me. Luckily the weather was (still is) super nice, it has been so hot here recently and I love it! So that made it a bit easier for me when putting outfits together. Still, the no jeans thing did force me to be more creative with my clothes and wear some things I hadn’t really reached for in the past. It’s a little no jeans lookbook, if you will.

Let’s see how I did, shall we?



I started this little fashion challenge/experiment on Saturday. A bit of a random day, I know, but I just felt like wearing this Only sweater dress today, and thought it would be a good kick off for this challenge. I paired it with a pair of tights and my Nike Internationalist sneakers for a sporty, casual look.



I really wanted to not just wear skirts and dresses all week, so on Sunday I went for these black and white printed trousers (I believe the print is called gingham) that I got from a thrift store last year. These were actually pretty hard for me to style because of the print, and I am pretty sure I tried 5 different shirts before I just decided to go for my H&M bodysuit. Of course, I paired these with my Adidas Superstars, because I live in these babies.



On Monday my friend, who was staying with me for a few nights, and I went to Utrecht. We had a super nice day, got some ice cream at this adorable little stand, and the weather was so nice. I wore this skirt that I got from my grandma when she cleared out her closet a few weeks ago – I believe it’s from Marks & Spencer – and again my H&M bodysuit and Superstars.



I got this dress from my sister-in-law a few months ago because she didn’t want it anymore, and even though I really like it I hadn’t actually worn it before today. So on Tuesday I thought I would just try it on, and I loved it! The fit of this dress, that I believe is from Marc O’Polo, fits really nicely and is really flattering on my body, and I am definitely going to wear it more often.



Wednesday was a leggings and t-shirt kinda day. I love this shirt! It has a cute little ice cream cone it, and it is from Stitch Please. The name alone is enough to fall in love with this brand. If you want your own hand embroidered shirt – because they make the most stunning hand embroidered pieces – you can use the code taramonfils15 at check out for a 15% discount on max 4 items. You can now customize your own shirt as well and that is definitely on my wishlist!
Anyways, so I paired my shirt with the H&M leggings, a thrifted denim jacket and my beloved Converse. I love how casual and laid-back this outfit is, and oh so comfortable.



Another one of my favourite outfits this week. I wore this vintage dress I got on Monday, with a high-necked short-sleeved crop top underneath from Bershka. Again, because I am trying to give my Adidas a break, I paired this outfit with my Converse.



On my last day of this little no jeans challenge I am wearing my Stitch please shirt again, this time paired with these navy shorts that were long trousers when I got them for €3 at the thrift store. I am spending most of my day at home, but if I do go out I am planning on wearing my Converse again for an effortlessly summery look.

And there you have it, all 7 outfits I wore this week, all without jeans. I hope you enjoyed this little challenge/experiment I did, and that you’ll be back on Wednesday for a new post!