Mid-Year Gift Guide

Every year around Christmas every youtuber, blogger and pretty much every other person on the internet brings out gift guides to helps us figure out what we can buy for the people around us.

However, I don’t think I have ever really seen a gift guide in any other season, even though birthdays, anniversaries and other gift-y occasions are still a thing.
So I thought, to help us all out, I would do a mid-year gift guide to keep us going ’til the holiday season.

Here’s my list of gift ideas, I’m pretty sure most of them work for both men and women.

  • Clothes, shoes, bags, a cardholder or wallet, maybe a cute robe (one of those stunning sexy silky ones or a big fluffy cozy one) or some slippers. You don’t necessarily have to know someone’s exact style, you can just play it safe with a basic piece like this adorable Stitch Please oversized sweater
  • Beauty products. Whether it’s skincare (make sure you know someone’s skin type though!), body care, a lovely perfume, makeup or a nice makeup bag or toiletry bag, maybe with some goodies inside. I don’t think you can really go wrong with that.
  • Games. Board games, card games, video games maybe. You might think it’s a ¬†little old fashioned, but it is actually a lot of fun. And you can start playing right away!
  • Home stuff, like candles, fairy lights, a nice painting of picture frame, some nice new sheets (make sure you know the size of their duvet), a plant maybe. If they have their own house you can really go all out with a set of beautiful plates, mugs, (wine) glasses, a vase, a rug, a doormat. Maybe they don’t have a shoe rack yet? Really, the possibilities are endless.
  • Books, of course! You don’t have to go for just fiction, maybe they’re into history or art? Give them a book that has something to to with that! Cookbooks and colouring books are also a nice gift idea.
  • Something hobby related. Do they play guitar? Give them some new strings. Do they like to paint? A nice canvas and some paint. Is the kitchen their favourite place? Give them some interesting spices, some funny looking pasta, some new kitchen utensils..
  • Take them out to dinner, or do some other fun activity together. It’s a two in one: you have a nice original present and you have something fun to do the next time you hang out.
  • Last but not least, a DIY project or a little gift basket. You can make a painting or collage, or you can maybe do something creative with pretty wine bottles (I have candles in some of my old wine bottles, and flowers in others). You can buy a cute basket and fill it with a lot of small gifts mentioned on the list above (mug, beauty stuff, maybe some tea of coffee, some chocolate, a cute notebook, a bottle of wine, fairy lights, a candle, their favourite food..)

And there you have it, everything I could come up with. I hope you got a bit of inspiration for some upcoming birthdays!