Mom Jeans

I am not a big follower of trends. If I see something I think I like I will remember it, see if I keep thinking about it, and if I really can’t get it out of my head I will buy it.
Mom jeans are one of these things.

I feel like I have always loved  the look of mom jeans. I remember years ago we got a bag of clothes from my moms friend I think, and in that back I found 2 pairs of high waisted jeans, that were super tight around the waist, wider around the legs and back to a bit more tight towards the bottom. And I absolutely loved the look of it. But I was too scared to wear them and I didn’t know how to style them so I don’t think I ever wore them outside of the house.

Fast forward now. The mom jean fit, and those looser type of jeans anyways, are totally back. I’ve been seeing it everywhere, all over Instagram, and I have been kind of loving it for months now. So I went on the hunt for the perfect pair of mom jeans. And let me tell you, it was not easy.
When I have a specific item in my head I will not stop until I have found the perfect item, that matches exactly to the picture in my head. And I literally tried on every pair of loose fitting jeans I could find, anything that looked remotely like mom jeans, but nothing matched the picture in my head.
Until one day I walked into Zara and found a pair that was high waisted, tight on top, tight at the ankle, and loose in between. And it was exactly what I was looking for.
And then I walked into this vintage/secondhand store in Utrecht (but they are in Amsterdam, The Hague and Antwerp as well I believe) and I found another pair that was exactly what I was had been looking for. Seriously, can you imagine my happiness?

So I hope you enjoyed that little story, now let’s get into what you are actually here for: pictures of my new (well not so very new anymore) babies,and my thoughts so far.



This is definitely the one I have been wearing the most. Probably because of the colour because I feel more comfortable in a darker colour. And I find it a bit easier to style with warmer tops, which is still quite important in this time of year.
I’m not a big fan of the zipper, it seems to get stuck sometimes and then I have to try a few times before I can get it up. But other than that, I love these jeans! Very comfortable and not as hard to style as I feared it might be.




These, as much as I loved them, I haven’t worn all that much yet. Like I said, I do feel more comfortable in a darker jean, but I do actually love the colour of these. I just think these will look really nice with crop tops, and it has been a bit too cold for that still. But now that it is finally starting to feel like summer (the weather was seriously so nice in the Netherlands today!) I am definitely gonna try to wear these more.
About the quality, these babies feel a lot sturdier I guess than the Zara ones, just way better quality. The zipper doesn’t get stuck and they are a lot thicker. Of course the fact that they are secondhand and still going strong makes me think that they will last very well. All in all, very happy with my purchase!

I have to say, I am very happy that I jumped on the mom jeans bandwagon, and I don’t think I will get off any time soon. And if you want to see how I get on with the Episode pair just keep an eye on my Instagram ;).

Thanks for stopping by, and see you next week!