Home Update: A Mini Ikea Haul

No pretty pictures today, but a little home update and Ikea haul.

I’m pretty sure I promised some home decor/home update posts in my Just A Chat post when I moved into this apartment. But aside from the A Piece Of Home post I did a few weeks ago I didn’t really update you on how everything is coming together. So I thought that I would update you today, over 3 months after we moved in. And also show you some things we picked up at Ikea recently. Let’s start with that!


My boyfriend had been complaining for a while that he didn’t like the mirror in our bathroom because it was too low, so we got some simple stick on mirrors – 4 for €8 – to hang up instead. Not very exciting but necessary.


I had been complaining for a while about the fact that we didn’t have any curtains in our kitchen. And although the kitchen looks out into our garden so it’s not like anyone can just walk past and look inside, it has been annoying me ever since we moved in so we got one of those little click system pull down curtain things to hang up.


And since my boyfriend was already hanging up curtains anyways I got him to hang them in the spare room as well. I made these myself by the way, very proud of it :). The curtain rod is from Ikea as well.


Last but not least for what we bought. I have been wanting a shoe rack for forever now, just to put our most worn shoes on in the hallway. But I could never really find a cheap one that would actually fit a good amount of shoes that also looked good. So when we were looking around Ikea we saw this shelving unit for €10 and I actually like the look of it a lot. Very simple, but fits a nice amount of shoes. And also a really good price.


Here’s a cute little pic of me putting it together all by myself. #girlpower?






As the update on the rest of the house. I still want to paint the wall in the spare room that is now some weird shade of green, and we still need to hang some lights in the living room, the spare room and the hallway (yes, we have been living here for 3 months and we still don’t have any lights..)  We also still have to tidy up the spare room a bit and find a system for the cellar because now both those places are a giant mess.
The only other things I wanna get are not very important: I want some new chairs for our dining table, I think I want a little drawer system for in my closet (I’m thinking those little Ikea Malm drawers), I want to hang some cute things on the walls and I think I want some rugs in the spare room, the hallway and maybe the kitchen as well. Oh, and some chairs and a table for in the garden. Other than that I’d say I am very happy with how the apartment has come together and I love living here!

But that’s all I have for today, hope to see you on Friday for a new post!