In My Closet #1

Today we’re gonna take a little peek into my closet.

I’m gonna share my most worn and best loved fashion items right now. Whether they are a very simple basic piece or something a bit more fun, here are 10 fashion items I don’t ever wanna live without.



A basic black cami is probably my number one item. I wear this with literally everything. Underneath sweaters in the winter to keep the icy wind from tickling my belly, underneath slightly see-through shirts and blouses, just paired with highwaisted everything in the summer… Everything. I got mine at Primark and am actually very happy with the quality, but I’m sure every single clothing store has some of these.



This cardigan, also from Primark, is probably one of my favourites. I am a fan of long cardigans anyway, but there’s just something about this one. It goes with everything because of the colour, and the fit is just perfect. I legit wear this all fall, winter and cold spring days. Paired with some simple jeans and a leather jacket? Yes please.



This blouse from Only is probably the newest item on this list, and one of my best purchases in 2017. I love a bit of leopard print, and I like how this one is still quite understated. The fit is really nice, and I can wear it literally every season, with almost everything I own.



If I could only wear one pair of jeans for the rest of my life it would be this pair. I live in the Only skinny jeans (although I have recently fallen in love with mom jeans as well, but more on that next week). And this is probably my favourite pair. This is the second pair of Only jeans I got, a few years ago now, and they are still going strong. Just a simple now faded black pair of super stretchy mid-rise skinnies that go with everything.



Another pair of Only jeans that I am obsessed with. This is the second pair of this style, the first one I had is pretty much falling apart. I just love these high-waisted jeans. Again, super stretchy, affordable, and I like the mid-toned blue that goes with everything in my closet. Very simple, very basic, very much a favourite.



Last pair of jeans (did I mention I love skinny jeans?). Can you guess the brand?
These mid-rise ones are a bit more fun and interesting because of the ripped knees, but other than that again just very simple. I don’t know what else I can mention about the Only jeans that I haven’t already mentioned before. Stretchy, comfy, affordable.. Oh, and they hold their shape all day!



I got this skirt from my grandma because she didn’t wear it anymore, and I’m so in love with it. I don’t know how I could survive a summer without it. I’m pretty sure she made it herself, as there is no sign of a label, and I have to say, she did a really good job! It is high-waisted and nice and tight at the waist, and then it flows out in this super wide circle skirt. Nice breezy cotton. I can’t wait to wear it again this coming summer!



Now here’s a pair you haven’t seen before!

I know, I know, you are probably sick of seeing these shoes on the blog. Or on my Instagram for that matter. But ever since I got them in September they have just quickly become my most worn shoe. I won’t bore you with all the details because you know them all by now, but I could not leave these off this list.



A pair that you haven’t seen as often, but is also a staple for me. Especially in the summer, paired with that brown skirt and a simple top (the Primark cami for example). Or with this super pretty blue midi dress that I have. Or with pretty much all my other summer pieces. And winter pieces as well. The possibilities with Converse are endless.



Last but not least, my Longchamp Le Pliage medium tote bag. I love this thing. I got it about 2,5 years ago, and have worn it so much! It was my everyday bag for a very long time, and if I have to carry more than the essentials I will still always reach for this bag. I am still planning on buying one larger size as well because I can’t fit my laptop in this one and I would like to have a bag that does fit it, but for if I don’t need a laptop but do need more than 1 (note)book, this baby is my savior.


I kind of sense a theme here in this post. Lots of black, lots of plain and simple pieces that go with everything, and lots of Only jeans. I’ll try to show you some more colour next time.