Kingsday Haul

Last Thursday, the 27th of April, was Kingsday here in the Netherlands. And it is kind of a tradition for people to go out on the streets and sell stuff they don’t use or need anymore. And on nice sunny days it is so very fun to nose around, see what cute or funny things you can find for a great price. Which is exactly what my boyfriend’s mother and I did.

She actually came with the idea to go to Wageningen, a kind of student-y town about a 30-40 minute drive from where I live, and have a fun day out looking around and enjoying the festivities. And, of course, do a bit of secondhand shopping.
Now, I usually don’t expect to find much at those little improvised stands, probably because I’m not searching well enough. Luckily the bf’s mom is really good at finding the best things at those kind of places, and she found me some really nice clothing items that I am happily sharing with you all today.



The first thing I got where these sunglasses for €1. I love the style of them, and it is a nice variation from my nude/pink sunglasses I got a few weeks ago, or my usual big black sunglasses. And for €1 you just can’t go wrong.


Next I go this moss green cardigan for I believe around €2. It is very lightweight so perfect for the upcoming seasons just to throw over a summer dress or short sleeved top.



When we saw this houndstooth (I believe that’s what this print is called) bomber jacket we decided I had to have it. And for €2 I got it. It is actually quite a thick jacket so it will be keeping me nice and warm in this weird season we call spring here in the Netherlands. It also brings a nice and fun touch to my very simple “jeans and a tee” outfits



And last but not least I got this very soft fleece vest top sweater thing. I mainly got it because of the little bear ears on the hood, and for 50 cents I couldn’t leave it behind. I am already imagining it as an extra layer underneath that bomber on my very lazy days.