A Mini Fashion Haul

I did a little bit of shopping over the last few weeks. Just 4 items, but I wanted to share them anyways, because who doesn’t love a bonus post?
It’s mainly summery items, because in my head I’m already on a beach in 30°C sunny weather with a cocktail and a good book. Sadly, for now that’s only in my head.
This time, they are pretty much all things I had been wanting and looking for for a while, so no guild here!


Let’s start with the one actual clothing item I got. This H&M bodysuit legit made my heart flutter when I tried it on. It is so flattering and also very comfortable, and I like how you can dress it down with a pair of jeans and sneakers, or dress it up with a pretty skirt and heeled booties (check my Instagram if you wanna see how I styled it). I got it in the sale for €7 so I’m afraid this exact one is no longer available, but I will link some similar ones here and here.


I kind of got these H&M sunglasses on a whim when I was let loose in Amsterdam last week, but I had actually been looking for a new pair of sunglasses for a while now. I like these a lot because they are very different from my other pairs because of the colour (I’m a black sunglasses kinda girl) but because of the size it still goes perfectly with my RBF and is still the ideal pair of sunnies for after a night out when you’ve had a little too much to drink.
For some annoying reason they are not on the H&M website, so you might wanna check out a store near you, or these similar pairs: one, two, three


How flipping cute is this bathing suit? After I got my first one piece in years last year and loved it, I decided I needed more, so I went on the hunt for another one that fit perfectly, looked really cute, wasn’t too revealing but also not too covering, and generally one I loved. And I found the one at H&M! I love the bold print, but because of the black background it’s still neutral. I also love the low back, and I cannot wait for an excuse to wear this pretty little thing. Paired with a cute midi skirt, or some cut-off shorts maybe…?


Last but not least maybe a bit of a boring one, but let’s be real, every girl needs a plain black bikini top. One that fits well. I had neither. Most of my tops didn’t really fit me right, and none of my tops are just plain black. So when I found this baby for €7,50 at Hema, and saw that it had a tie back (which is always what I look for in a bikini top because ones that clasp in the back are always too big for me) I had to pick it up. It fits me perfectly, and let’s be real, for that price you just can’t go wrong!