5 Faves – March 2017

It is the end of another month, which means 5 faves time!
March was a pretty good month. It has really started to feel like spring (as I am writing this I am sitting in my garden enjoying the 18ºC weather), and I pretty much succeeded at my vegetarian month. I only cheated once on my grandpa’s birthday. What can I say, my grandma’s food is just too good to pass up. I also got through my first full month of a school like situation, and now I only have 2 weeks left before I have to know what I want to study! It’s crazy, but I am so happy I got to do this.
The last thing I’ll do this month is getting my left wisdom teeth removed (my right ones got removed in February), so by the time you’re reading this I will be 2 molars lighter and feeling very sorry for myself.
But that was my monthly update, so now let’s get into my favourites!



Givency Live Irrésistible
Let’s start of with my favourite perfume this month. My previous had been kind of planned, whether it was because it was the only scent I had with me or because it was new so I obviously would wear it every day for a while. This one was really just the perfume I gravitated towards this month. I have had it since last summer as a new summer scent, and this month I decided to put it on and I immediately remember why I got it. It is so delicious, for me a perfect spring and summer scent. Light and airy, soft, sweet, fresh. That is how I would describe it.



Hema Long Lasting Nailpolish 217 Cool Off Umber
I actually picked this polish for February, but because of the move and everything that month I just didn’t really get around to painting my nails, so I just wore it in March instead. I love red nail polish, I like how classic it looks and how it is a statement colour but still goes with everything. And I love this colour because it isn’t your basic red, it’s a bit darker, but at the same time a bit more muted I would say.
I don’t know what colour I will be wearing for April, but I am thinking something fun and bright, or something light. We will see..



Coconut Oil
Last beauty product, and probably the best one. Everyone knows coconut oil, and most people that like beauty also probably know the benefits of coconut oil for you hair, skin and nails. I have been using it as a hair mask for about a year now, but this month I have started using it as a nighttime moisturizer as well, and I have to say, I love it! It moisturizes my skin perfectly, it doesn’t break me out or make me feel too greasy, and I like the idea that I am not putting any chemicals on my skin, just good old natural coconut oil.
I have also been using it to take of my eye makeup every once in a while, and it actually works really great!



Michael Kors Jet Set Card Holder
My one fashion favourite this month is something you could’ve already seen on my blog a few weeks ago, right after I got it. And that is my Michael Kors car holder. I have been using it since the day I got it, and I love it! It is so convenient not having to carry around a big wallet, and just having all my most used cards right there with me. I can now use my smaller bags every day I don’t go to school and still bring a book to wherever I need to be, and I don’t have to fuss with zippers, or look for my debit card because I can’t remember where I put it. I just know it is always right where it needs to be. I do think I will start looking into getting a little coin purse for those rare occasions that I have actual physical money, and to put all my loyalty cards in.



On Top – Anna Nooshin
Last but not least is the book I’ve read this month. I got it last Friday I believe, and finished it on Tuesday. Save to say I liked it. Now, this is a Dutch book, so if you’re not Dutch I am sorry that you can’t read it, because it was actually really fun. It is written by Anna Nooshin, a Dutch blogger, youtuber and tv host. In this book she shares anecdotes and things she has learned on her way to the top. It is really well written and quite funny, and I like how personal she gets. I also don’t think it is only a fun read if you follow her, I actually think it can be interesting and fun for a lot of people. I am not big on youtuber books, I will only pick them up if I actually think I will enjoy reading them, and boy, did I! Like I said, her writing style is just so good, really funny and relatable. And it was interesting reading about her life, about how she got to where she is now. I would highly recommend just reading a few pages next time you’re in a bookstore.
Also, it looks great in an Instagram pic, not entirely unimportant ;).


And there you have it, 5 things I have been loving this past month.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always, I hope to see you next week for a new one!