Books & Coffee #2 – 5 Fave Series

It is time for my second Books & Coffee post, a series here on my blog all about a great love of mine: books.

If you haven’t read the first Books & Coffee yet go check it out right here.

Today, as you can already see in the title, I am sharing five of my favourite book series with you. It’s mainly Young Adult, as that is the genre I have read the most, but I am currently dipping my toes a bit more into the more adult-y books and really enjoying that. But that is not what today is about. Today, we are diving into my favourite series. Let’s go!

Little disclaimer first, I am terrible at reviews or describing a book because I am a very easy reader. But I tried anyway.


Sentinels Of New Orleans – Suzanne Johnson

Sentinels of New Orleans is set in, you guessed it, New Orleans. Right after Hurricane Katrina. It is about DJ, a young wizard who, after the borders between the modern world and the magical “other world”crumble thanks to Katrina, has to try to keep all the magical creatures now roaming the city in check.
There is romance, there is mystery, there are Lord Of The Rings references, and there is a hella sexy undead pirate. Who is trying to kill DJ. It is hilariously written, and every book has a really good story line. I have to admit, I only read the first three books, but the next ones are on my to buy list! I would say it is a New Adult book, a bit more grown-up than YA, but not an adult book.

Royal Street (book 1)



The Tearling Trilogy – Erica Johansen

I am having a hard time describing this series, but here is my best attempt:
Kelsea is the rightful queen to the Tearling, and on her nineteenth birthday she is picked up at the place she has been hidden at all her life to claim her throne. The Tearling is not doing so well, and Kelsea is determent to fix her country’s problems. She doesn’t care if it pisses some people off. So she kind of accidentally but kind of knowingly starts a war with a neighboring country that is ruled by an evil queen that possesses dark magic.
It is set in a kind of medieval world, but at the same time in the future.
Throughout reading the first book I went back and forth on if I liked it or not. But when I finished the first book I really really wanted the second one. So many questions were left unanswered, and I just needed to know how things went on. So it is safe to say that this series pulled me in. And I can’t wait to start reading the last book so I know how it all ends! (Because Erika Johansen seems to like leaving her readers with mayor cliffhangers…)
I would say this series is again more of a New Adult series, because although the main character is a teenager, it just doesn’t feel like something I would recommend to a 14-year old.

Queen Of The Tearling (book 1)



The Lunar Chronicles – Marissa Meyer

Moving on to some Young Adult. Every book in this series is based upon a fairy tale, but there is a story line that connects all the books and all the characters.
Basically, it is set in a futuristic world, and there is an illness. No one can find a cure. When Cinder’s,the main character, sister gets ill, Cinder gets blamed by her stepmother. Oh, by the way, Cinder is a cyborg. Anyway, there are also people living on the moon, ruled by an evil queen. These people on the moon, Lunars, have strange powers, which is why the people on Earth don’t like them. But the evil queen wants to rule Earth, so she tries to marry the Emperor of New Beijing, a boy named Kai, by saying she has the cure to this illness and she will give it to the people of Earth if Kai marries her.
The books are basically about Cinder trying to stop this from happening. She makes some friends along the way, who all happen to be based of fairy tale characters. I know my description of the books is not great, but I swear it is an amazing series! There is some romance, some humor, some mystery, some magic. Basically, a lot of fun. It is easy to read, like I said before, it’s Young Adult, and I love how the fairy tales are incorporated into the story. Seriously, I would highly recommend it!

Cinder (book 1)


Sorry, I just realized you can’t read any of that!

Girl Of Fire And Thorns – Rae Carson

Girl Of Fire And Thorns is set in a sort of Arabic world, I would say, where princess Elisa is married off to a king who’s country is at war with an enemy with dark powers. Elisa is the bearer of the Godstone which means she is chosen for an act of heroism. She is also described as lazy and useless. But some think that with her Godstone she can stop the army invading the country…
Pam pam pam.. (you know, the music you always hear at those “ooh scary but exciting” moments.)
(No? Okay..)
I love this series. I remember picking it up at the library years ago because I wanted something to read, and just falling in love. It is an easy read, again YA, but the story is so good. I feel like it is different from a lot of other YA books, and I could totally dream away while reading it. Romance, humor, magic, war, suspense.. What more could you ask for? I seriously highly recommend this trilogy, it is so good! I got sucked in and really did not want to get out.

Girl Of Fire And Thorns (book 1)



Peter Grant Series – Ben Aaronovitch

I am actually working on a sort of video review project about this series with my dad (more about that later in the year), because we love it so much, and here is why:
In short, Peter Grant is a police officer in London who, after meeting a ghost, gets recruited for the magical department of the Metropolitan Police.
That is basically what this series is about. He learns magic, he has to solve murders where magic seems to be involved, he has to deal with the magical communities, and he also tries to have some sort of social life.
This series is amazing. The magic is so realistic, the writing style is funny and sarcastic, the story is so well thought through. I found myself googling the places mentioned in this book because I thought they might actually exist.
It is a series that is right for so many age groups as well: I love it because of the magical realism/fantasy aspect, because it is so realistic and because it is gripping and hilarious. My dad loves it for those reasons as well, but also because Aaronovitch really did his historical research and because there are so many jazz references. If you’re 18 you could read it, but also if you’re 30, or 50.
Rivers Of London (book 1) (in the U.S. it’s called Midnight Riot)


So there you have it, 5 of my favourite book series. I hope you found some new reading material, and although I did add links to where you can buy these books online, I hope you go out and buy or order them at you local independent bookstore, because that is just so much more fun! And it is also just good to support independent bookstores.

Also, for all the Dutch people reading this, Boekenweek (Book Week) starts THIS Saturday so if you buy a book next week you might get a little present :).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope to see you next week for a new post.