Shoe Collection 2017 – Boots

Time for part two of my shoe collection: the boots! I love boots, mainly black ones because they go with everything. After having a bit of clear out over the past few months I think I am really happy with my collection now, so let’s just get into it.


These Panama Jack boots have been featured on my blog a few times now, as well as in my outfit pics on Instagram. And for good reason, because I love them. I have had them for about a year and a half now and they are still going strong (although they could use a bit of a clean). They are my go to winter boots, so warm, so comfy, and so easy to wear. Look good with jeans, skirts, dresses and leggings. What more could a girl ask for?



Next up are my cowboy style boots. Or biker, I never know the difference. I have had these babies for years, I remember getting them for an amazing price in the Van Haren (a Dutch shoe store) sale. They are actually a tiny bit too small, but I think they have stretched a bit and now they fit perfectly. Again, these shoes go with everything, and they work for pretty much all seasons, as long as it is not too hot of freezing.



These are the only pair of heeled boots I own currently, and to be honest, they are the only pair I need. They are by the brand Dune London, and I have had them for a little over a year now I believe. They are really comfortable for the kind of shoe that they are, and the look really nice with pretty much every outfit (do you sense a theme?). I think booties like this are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe!



Moving on to some taller boots. After seeing the over-the-knee boots on literally every blogger, vlogger and instagrammer, I decided that I wanted to try it for myself. Not the super expensive Stuart Weitzman ones, that’s a little outside of my budget, but this Manfield pair still gives that chic look. I haven’t worn these a whole lot since I got them in December, mainly because the weather hasn’t been great and I don’t want to ruin these suede babies, but now that the weather is hopefully clearing up a bit I am going to try to style these boots every possible way I can think of.
I will say that these boots are still a little bit to wide for my thighs, but these were the best, slimmest ones I could find.



Another pair of tall boots. I got these ones about a year ago now, as a very early birthday present from my boyfriends mother. We found them in a thrift shop for I believe around €10 and they looked like they have never been worn. And that for suede Manfield boots. I haven’t actually worn them a whole lot because they are not the most comfortable shoes, and I also need to find ways to style them, but I am going to experiment a bit more.



Okay, so I know most people hate Uggs. They think they are ugly, look like you’re walking around on slippers, all those things. I am clearly not one of those people. No, they are not the most sexy, elegant shoe, but they are so comfy, and so warm, and so easy to just throw on on a lazy day when you have to quickly run to the store.
I have had this pair, my second pair, for years now, I believe I got them when I had just turned 18. They are still going strong and looking good, and I plan to wear them until they are falling apart.



Speaking of Ugg boots falling apart, these were the first pair of Uggs I got from my grandma when I was 15. I like them because they have some sort of pattern on the front, which makes them just a bit more interesting, and I like that they are a bit shorter than my other ones. Now, these are very dirty. I have stopped caring about whether they get wet. I mainly use these to just wear around the house, slip on if I have to take out the trash, throw on when it is really cold and we have to walk the dog, you know, those tasks. I still love them, and although they are very dirty, they are still going strong.



And now we have come to my last pair of shoes. These are my rain boots. Well, actually, these are my old horseback riding boots, but since I stopped doing that years ago I have recently dug them up to use as rain boots. And they are actually great for that! Here in the Netherlands it can rain quite a lot, so a good pair of waterproof boots is a must. I actually really like the fact that they look like those Chelsea boots that are so popular right now, it makes me feel a bit more fashionable when I’m outside in the rain. And I totally achieved that look without spending any money! Winning!

And there you have it, all the boots I currently own. I am very happy with my current collection, and don’t think I will be needing new shoes any time soon.
Well, maybe a pair of Timberlands…

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed seeing all my boots. Next Wednesday I am sharing my summer shoe collection, but first on Friday I am showing some book love, since I haven’t done that in a while.

Hope to see you then!