Shoe Collection 2017 – Sneakers

I love shoes. And so I have quite a lot of them. Not a ridiculous amount, but still, quite a lot. And so I thought I would share my collection with you guys over these next few weeks, starting today with my sneakers. I used to not be a sneaker girl at all, I always wore either boots or sandals, depending on the weather, but in these past few years I have been getting into them a bit more, buying some of the classic styles. Now I am absolutely in love with some of the shoes you will see in this post, and I am thinking about adding a few more to my collection.
I am also not going to pretend like I keep my shoes all nice and white and clean, because I don’t. I try to clean the white parts sometimes, but realistically I just always forget, so I also didn’t do that for the sake of this post. I am sorry in advance. But anyways, let’s get into my sneaker collection!


Let’s just start with the ones that have been all over my Instagram ever since I got them, and all over my blog ever since I started. My beloved Adidas Superstars that I have been wearing to death. So comfortable, go with everything, look so good, and I am never gonna part with these babies.
Well… maybe when they are falling apart..
I have been eyeing up the all white ones and the ones with the rose gold stripes for a few months now as well, and I might just treat myself to one of the two this spring, to refresh my wardrobe a bit ;).



My very dirty and very much loved black low top Converse All Stars. Another pair that everyone and their mother has. I usually wear these all spring and summer long, and can guarantee that I will do that again the coming seasons. This is actually my second pair of Converse, before I got these I had a burgundy pair that I got in Paris when I was 17. Funnily enough I got this pair when I was in Brighton in 2015. Maybe on my next trip out of the country I will get a white pair, you never know.. πŸ™‚



Next up are my (very dirty) Nike Air Max Essentials. I got this pair about a year ago when I decided it was time for me to own more that just one pair of practical flat shoes (aka my All Stars) and legit the very first day I wore them we decided to walk the dog in a very muddy forest. Stupid idea of course. Despite them now having a few stains that I can’t get out I still like them a lot and I actually mostly wear them on long walks in the woods, because they are actually really comfortable for those type of things. They also look good with a simple jeans and t-shirt kind of outfit πŸ™‚



Fun fact, when I got my Air Max I was actually looking for these babies, the Nike Internationalist, in all black after seeing them on Pinterest. But I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I went for the other ones instead. Then, a few months later, my boyfriend took me to the Nike Outlet in Utrecht (for all you Dutch people reading this πŸ™‚ ) and I found this black and grey version for €35,- and I obviously had to get them. Thirty flipping five euro people, how could I let that go?



Lastly, a pair of sneaker wedges from the brand A.S.H. that I have had for years now, and that I might get rid of. My grandma got them for me in the sale and I used to love these shoes, but I feel like I just don’t wear them anymore. My best friend actually always borrowed them from me when we went clubbing because she is a lot shorter than me and we have had a lot of fun nights with these babies :).
I still actually love the look of these shoes paired with some jeans and a blouse or simple shirt, but I just don’t think it is my style anymore. Damn doing this shoe collection is actually a pretty good time for me to declutter πŸ™‚


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this first part of my shoe collection! On Wednesday I will have part 2 up on the blog, where I show all of my boots, so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for reading!