Winter 2017 Fashion Favourites

Now that winter has officially come to and end (although you never know with this Dutch weather) I thought I would share my winter fashion favourites with you all. This I have been particularly loving this past season. Things that have been keeping me nice and warm, whether it has been outside the house, or inside, with a cup of hot chocolate on the couch. Most items I have gotten this year (well, fall of 2016, but that still counts in my opinion), but some are a little older. I haven’t included sweaters in this post, because I already did a whole blog post about my top 5 sweaters this winter that you can check out right here.


Let’s start with this Zara jacket, pretty much the only coat I have been wearing this winter. I got it I believe in October or November, and have been wearing it ever since. So warm, so cute, waterproof, and very different from anything else I own. Sadly this lipstick junky swatched red and pink lipstick on her hand and accidentally smeared it all over the side of her jacket, so I don’t know if I will be wearing it next winter. But I probably will, I just love it so much.
Similar but no hood and similar style but different colour



Next up is the only scarf I have been wearing this winter. I got this H&M scarf for my birthday from a family friend, and as soon as it was cold enough for big scarfs I started wearing it. It is so big and soft and keeps me really warm, pretty much perfect for me. I may or may not have smeared lipstick on this one too, and dropped food on it and what not, but I will throw it in the wash as soon as the weather warms up.
Similar and veeeeery similar



Last outerwear items are these Panama Jack boots. I haven’t actually been wearing these that much, because I have been wearing my Adidas Superstars almost every day, but on the days that I wanted boots, these were the ones I always reached for. I got them last year (2015, that is) and they are still going strong. I might have to clean them though..
Still can’t find the black ones which annoys me immensely so here is the link to the brown ones.



Moving on to the stuff I have been wearing underneath my scarf and jacket. I have been loving long cardigans for a few years now, and this winter I have been wearing my Vero Moda one a lot. I like how the colour can spice out any outfit. It keeps my legs very warm (and the rest of my body too) and it goes with a lot of things.
Similar in different colour and just some of my favourites I found online here, here, and here



Next up is not so much an item, but more of a way to style things. I have actually been loving wearing skirts and dresses this winter, obviously layered with tights, sweaters and cardigans to keep me warm. I kind of set it as a challenge for me in the fall to wear more skirts in the colder weather, and I think I succeeded. I have been loving trying to figure out ways to layer my dresses, keep warm and still look cute.
Similar skirt and similar dress and similar dressnew-image
(some of my favourite outfits with skirts or dresses)


Last but not least we’ve got lounge wear, because let’s be real, that’s what I’ve been living in this winter. How cute is this HEMA leopard print bath robe? It is also very soft and warm,and I’ve been throwing it over anything I’ve been wearing as soon as I step inside the house.
If you want print, if you want cute, if you want soft


And last but not least, probably my favourite winter item ever: slipper socks. I got these from my boyfriend’s sister over the holidays, and omg how flipping cute are they?! They are also very soft and have been keeping my feet warm all winter. I believe these are from Hunkemöller, a lingerie store here in the Netherlands, and I love them.