5 Faves – February 2017


February was a good month. Like, really good. We moved into our new apartment, as you could’ve read in my Just A Chat post a few weeks ago (I promise pictures of the almost finished result are coming soon!), and I started my first school/course like situation in over 4 years and it is actually going really well, although I still have to get used to waking up early and doing my homework. February also makes me very happy because it means it is almost spring time. Goodbye cold, ice and snow! Although with the Dutch weather you never know if it might not just come back in March to annoy us a little more…
Anyways, that was my February recap, now let’s get into my 5 Faves!



1. Yves Saint Laurent – Mon Paris
My favourite scent this month was one I bought exactly halfway through the month, when the boyfriend and I decided to treat ourselves to a new perfume (it’s kind of an addiction for the both of us..) and as I was walking around the store I passed a guy who was buying his girlfriend a perfume and I smelled the most amazing scent. Turned out that it was Mon Paris from YSL. Pretty expensive, but so so good. I have worn it pretty much every day since I got it, so a definite favourite this month!



20170221_132746_edited2. Etos Highlighting Powder in Gold
Sticking with the beauty faves, next up is another new addition to my beauty regime this month. As much as I love my Makeup Revolution highlighter it isn’t the most natural glow, and I wanted something a little more natural for every day. So I went out, looked around, and found this baby. It looks quite dark in the pan, but is so beautiful and natural on the skin, and not too expensive either.









20170221_132649_edited3. Cartice Absolute Eye Colour – 350 Starlight Espresso
Lastly on the beauty frond, this Catrice single eyeshadow. When I finally had all my makeup unpacked and nicely stored, I decided to see if there was anything I could rediscover in my stash. It was this guy. Pretty much my perfect crease shade, applied with a big fluffy brush this colour looks so natural and gives great depth to my eye look.



4. H&M Grey Loose Sweater
Moving on to fashion. Just like with my makeup, I rediscovered some fashion items too. This grey sweater has been in my possession for years, I swear I was probably 15 or s when I got it. And now I have been loving it again, and wearing it a ton. I have been sleeping in it, I have been throwing it over dresses and skirts, layering it underneath cardigans, or on top of shirts and blouses. This sweater goes with everything, and I am so happy I rediscovered it.



5. Shetland.
Last but certainly not least, a TV show. When we moved into the new apartment we didn’t have internet yet, which meant we had to go back to watching whatever we wanted to watch on DVD. Now, I love DVD’s, I love buying DVD’s, and I love discovering new movies and series through buying DVD’s. And oh, boy, did we discover something amazing.
This is Shetland, a BBC crime show set on the Shetland Islands in Scotland. The crimes are so well written, the actors play their roles amazingly, and he scenery is so. flipping. beautiful. Seriously, if you need something new to watch, go check out Shetland. I am obsessed.