Fashion Wishlist #1

For a few years now I have been trying to be more conscious about my shopping. I try to not just go out and buy stuff because I’m bored or because I am tempted by all the pretty things I see in stores. I try to think more about what I want and need before I buy things, and the get only those thinks.

Now, I don’t always succeed with this tactic, sometimes I still find myself with impulse buys in my bag, because I got sucked into all the sales, but overall I feel like I am doing a pretty good job. It helps that I have grown more into my own style, and that I am slowly building a closet full of items that I love and actually wear. I am by no means a minimalist, I still have quite a lot of clothes, but think I have pretty much narrowed it down to what I actually enjoy seeing in my closet.

One thing that also really helps me is making a wishlist, things that I feel like I am missing in my closet, things that I want to save up for, things that I am still looking for because I haven’t found the one yet, you know the type. And today I thought I would share my current wishlist with you.

 wish list

The items are in no particular order, just in the way I thought looked best 🙂 (thank god for Polyvore otherwise I have no idea how I would have made this collage).

  1. I am not a big shorts girl, I prefer to wear skirts and dresses in the summer, but still I am on the hunt for the perfect shorts. Not too short, not too long, slightly distressed, not too expensive.
  2. I am also looking for another one piece bathing suit. I have one right now that I really like, but it is slightly too small, and I just want to have another one in a bit of a different style. Haven’t seen anything in store yet that I like, but spring hasn’t even begun so I’m sure I’ll see some soon.
  3. Rose gold Adidas Superstars. I love my white ones with the black stripes so freaking much that I think I can justify buying the same pair in a different colour. Just as soon as I have the money..
  4. Coloured loafers. Or printed, just depends on what I fall in love with. I just think it would be really cute for the warmer months.
  5. But if I get coloured loafers, I need a black pair too. I had a pair, but I was stupid and got them in a size too small thinking they would stretch. They didn’t. The search continues.
  6. The Longchamp Le Pliage shopper in the size large. I have the medium size and use it almost every day, I love that bag so much. It fits a good amount of stuff for day to day, but it doesn’t fit my laptop, and if I need spend the weekend in my hometown I would rather have a bag that I could toss all of my stuff in, not have to carry around 2 bags. So yea, eyeing that larger size.
  7. Lastly, a good pair of distressed mom- or boyfriend jeans. I just love the look on other people and really want to try it myself, but I just haven’t found the right pair yet. Maybe because I am really fussy about my jeans, maybe because I haven’t “met” the one yet. Who knows..?

So there you go, 7 items on my wishlist. I am thinking about doing one with books as well, as there are always many many books on my wishlist 🙂

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to come back this Friday for my February 5 Faves!