Lazy Girl Lookbook


I love fashion. I love dressing up, putting thought and effort in my outfits, looking cute in my heels, over the knee boots, super skinny jeans, short dresses and tight skirts (not all together at once though). However, I also like to be comfortable, and, more often than not, lazy. But then, I still want to look somewhat cute.

So, I decided to put together a lazy girl lookbook. Outfits I like to wear on those days that I would rather stay home in my pajama’s eating nacho’s and watching Criminal Minds, but when I sadly still have to go out. Outfits that are comfy and also kind of cute so I can leave the house not feeling like a total slob but still feeling like I’m wearing pajama’s (and, spoiler alert, one of these items actually are). So let’s have a look, shall we?

First of all…


… I thought I would start off with a simple makeup look, something I’d wear on those lazy days when I still want to wear something, you know? As you can see it is pretty minimal and natural, so I don’t have to use 15 cotton pads to take everything off at the end of the day.


1. I always like to use a pore minimizing and mattifying primer, just to add a smooth layer to my skin, and make it look just a little bit better.
2. A concealer under my eyes to make me look a bit more alive and awake.
3. To set that concealer and primer I use my all time favourite powder, just a light dusting all over my face.
4. Can’t skip the brows! I like to fill in my brows with this brow pencil..
5. .. and set them with this brow gel to keep them in place all day long.
6. To add a little something to my eyes I tightline with a nice intense black eye pencil, to make my lashes look a bit thicker.
7. And, of course, one or two coats of mascara for a fluttery look. Sometimes I curl my lashes, sometimes I don’t.
8. Last but not least I like to apply some (tinted) lipbalm to moisturize my lips and add a bit of life.


Outfit #1


Ah, the very basic black leggings and uggs outfit. So comfy. Instead of the oversized sweater I would normally wear with this I went for this denim blouse, to make me look a little bit more put together (as far as that is possible in leggings and uggs) and to hide the fact that I haven’t washed my hair in over a week I added this cute little beanie.

20170122_142446_edited 20170122_142605_edited 20170122_142334_edited

Hat – H&M (similar and similar) | Blouse – Pull & Bear (similar and similar but a bit longer) | Leggings – H&M (but these are my fave jeans if you don’t do leggings as pants) | Shoes – Ugg



Outfit #2


To add a bit of a print into my next outfit I chose these yoga leggings, so comfortable and yet so cute. I paired it with a nice big sweater and a good pair of black boots, you can never go wrong with that!

20170130_145130_edited 20170130_145641_edited 20170130_145716_edited

Sweater – H&M (similar) | Leggings – H&M (closest I could find and different but also really cute) | Boots – Panama Jack (brown version because I can’t find the black ones)


Outfit #3


So, for the last outfit I went for a dress. Remember those pajama’s I mentioned earlier? Yep, that’s the dress. I actually think it works quite well as an daytime piece, and you can literally roll out of bed and be done! Well, kind of. I paired this little number with a simple pair of tights and my trusty Adidas, and got a very cute and also very comfy outfit.

20170202_1404030_edited 20170202_140411_edited



Pajama Dress – H&M (similar and not similar but so cute) | Tights – Primark (obviously any pair will do)| Shoes – Adidas


Thank you so much for checking out this little lookbook I put together. I hope you enjoyed and maybe got some inspiration out of if :).

See you next Friday for a new post!