A Naughty Little Purchase


So I made a naughty little purchase.

Well okay, not that naughty, because I have wanted one of these for months now, but still, it’s Michael Kors, and that will always feel a little naughty.
Now, before I show you what I bought I think I’ll just tell you how it all went down, just for the fun of it. Also this was my very first experience buying something from Michael Kors so I really want to share it. Even if you skip it and scroll down immediately to see what I bought.

Like I said, I have wanted one of these for a few months now, and have been looking for one for a while. I wasn’t necessarily looking at the Michael Kors ones, it actually hadn’t even crossed my mind that they might have them too, but I had been looking for other ones in store but couldn’t find the one I initially wanted anywhere in Utrecht.
So today, I went again, looked around, asked the lady in De Bijenkorf (a Dutch higher end department store) if they had the Longchamp one I was looking for, and she told me that they didn’t. A little bummed I left, walked around for a bit shopping for some other things I needed (boring toothpaste) and decided to go to De Bijenkorf one more time just to look at some other ones they might have when I passed a Michael Kors store.

Now I should mention, I have never gone into a high end store like that, and I felt a little awkward when I asked the lady if they had what I was looking for. But she was really nice, showed them to me, and when it turned out the price was only a little bit higher (€6,- to be exact) than the Longchamp one I had been eyeing, I just went for it.

I just bought my third higher end item (lipsticks and perfume not included), my first and second being my Longchamp Le Pliage handbag and my Longchamp Le Pliage travel bag that I both love.

Now, I really have been rambling on for too long and you’re probably bored of me by now, so lets get into my little unbagging!


Ah, the tissue paper, that she sprayed with a lovely smelling perfume thingy.


Wrapped up nicely to make sure it won’t get damaged..


TADAAAAAA!! A lovely little cardholder, black with gold hardware. 2 card spaces on either side, and a little pocket for some money in the middle. I love it so much! It was €45,- which is a lot of money for such a small little wallet, but I know I will have it for years and years. I love how compact it is, it will fit in any handbag, and won’t take up any space (now I can stuff my bag full of books again, yaas).

I believe this is the Jet Set Travel Card Case, and just in case you were wondering this is the Longchamp one I had been looking at, and it even crossed my mind to save up for this Chanel one but I just could not justify that one.

But I am so happy with this one, it is perfect for me and I know I will get so much use out of it!

I hope you enjoyed this little extra blog post, and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for a new one :)!