A New Home – Just A Chat #1


A post that is a bit different from what I’ve put up previously, but this is a big thing in my life and I wanted to share this. I think I am going to make these kinds of long diary-like chatty posts a thing every once in a while, just to update on what’s going on in my life, things that are on my mind, things that are happening, etc, etc…
So here is the first one, about my new apartment, and mainly how it all went down.


Today, as I am writing this, is the 26th of January, and today my boyfriend and I just got the news that we have a new apartment. Finally, after 2 months of being back our parents’ house , we have a new home.

A little bit of a background story might be necessary.

In March 2016 my boyfriend G and I moved in together in our very first apartment. Now, because he’s a student, I have welfare (is that the right word?) and because it is very hard here in the Netherlands to get a good affordable apartment, we decided to live anti-squatting (again, good word?) which basically means that you rent a place that will either be demolished or sold or something like that, but will be rented out for a very low price until then, to make sure it won’t just be empty and unused. The thing is, however, that when you rent a place like that you often don’t know how long you can actually live there, which can often be for only a very short time.

So, G and I moved into our apartment, a flat that would be demolished in the summer. We lived there until the summer, and then got very lucky and moved to a new apartment, where we could live a few more months, until at the end of November 2016 we had to be moved out.

One little problem. We didn’t have a new place yet.

For two months we looked around for apartments, whether it was anti-squatting, temporary rental (a bit more secure than anti-squatting in terms of how long you can stay, a bit more expensive), or regular rented apartments.
And on  the 24th this month I got an email from the place that we rented our previous apartments from. They had a nice little 2-bedroom apartment, temporary rental, in the city we want to live in. I immediately sent an email back, as you can imagine, and yesterday, Wednesday the 25th we went and looked at the apartment and fell in love. Today, when I’m writing this that is (because I don’t think I’ll put this post up today),we got the call that we get the apartment, and tomorrow afternoon,, we will sign the contract, get the keys, and then we will be able to move into our new apartment, our new home.


Did I say we were getting the keys today? Nope, no keys. The organization that we rent from still needed some paperwork from the place that hired them to rent out the apartment (confusing, right?) so we can hopefully sign the contract next week, and then the moving process can finally start. Things can never just go as planned, can they?


This morning (or early afternoon) we FINALLY (okay, 7 days don’t seem like super long but if you’ve been waiting for 2 months already and things usually are supposed to go faster it actually seems like quite a while) got the email that we could come in and sign the contract. Luckily, my boyfriend and I were both available to come in this afternoon, so at 4 o’clock this afternoon we got the keys to our new apartment. I am so over the moon excited.
Of course we went over to the apartment right away (well, almost right away, we had to walk the dog first and make the necessary calls to make sure we have electricity and wifi asap), and brought along a few things to put in their new place in their new home already, like our plant that is surprisingly still alive, and, of course, fairy lights. Sadly we can’t sleep there yet tonight, because the is no bed, no blanket, no pillows, and no food/heater, warm water, etc. But soon!! We will hopefully move most of our stuff this weekend, and then WE HAVE A HOUSE AGAIN.

I cannot wait to have a home base again, with all my stuff back with me, to live with my boyfriend again, and to decorate! I will try to share little bits and pieces of the moving process, the decorating process, and the finished product. Sadly I don’t have to buy lots of new things because we already have most of our stuff from living in the previous two apartments, but we might need a few new things.. A new rug, maybe? New dining table chairs? Maybe a shoe rack so I can nicely display all my shoes? We will see.. 😉