Top 5 Sweaters

Since we’re about halfway through the winter right now I thought I’d share my favourite sweaters from the past few months. I narrowed it down to the five I have loved the most this fall and winter although I have a few more that I like a lot. These are all quite thick sweaters, since I don’t really wear thinner ones as I am afraid I’d freeze to death (I get cold really quick, and also the Netherlands can get quite cold). I am going to do a Winter 2017 fashion favourites soon as well, where I’m gonna share my overall favourites, but for now let’s get into my top 5 favourite sweaters this year.


Okay, so I am not the biggest fan of turtle necks because I don’t really like things touching my neck in a slightly suffocating kind of way. But I love this H&M turtle neck sweater! It is slightly cropped, which I like a lot, and it is different from everything I own because of the whole neck thing. Dark navy cable knit, goes with everything, keeps me nice and warm.


Another older one, and one of my many grey sweaters. I like this one because of the neckline again, it keeps me warm and makes the sweater a bit more interesting, but it isn’t as tight and as high as the previous one. This one is, again, slightly shorter, and has a little tie at the front that adds something extra. Again, I have had it for a few years, and again this one is from H&M (where I get most of my clothes to be honest).


Now on to the ones I got in the last few months, starting with my current favourite lounge sweater. I wear this one when I want to be cozy, warm, lazy, comfy, and still cute. It is GIANT on me, as you can see, because I got it in the mans section at H&M, in Antwerp to be exact. I love the distressed look, I love that it is a bit longer so I can comfortably wear it over leggings, and I absolutely love that the sleeves are super long, so I can hide my hands in them when I’m outside and it’s cold. Basically, I love this sweater.


I got this H&M sweater from my boyfriend this december, and he did good! It is a perfect fit, it is soft, warm, totally my style, and goes with everything. I like how I can layer it with blouses or just wear it on it’s own. I like the cable knit, it makes it a bit more interesting than just a plain white (okay more like cream) sweater. The sleeves are a bit longer on me which I love because that way my wrists won’t get cold when I’m on my bicycle. Important stuff!!


Lastly, a black sweater. I got it in the sale at America Today, a Dutch clothing store, this fall, and when I tried it on I immediately fell in love with the shape. I like how wide it is under the arm, but that the actual arms are more fitted, not super wide as well. It is a bit shorter in the front, and has a slightly wider neckline, and I just love it so much. Like most of my sweaters, it goes with everything, it is very plain in pattern, as you can see, but the shape totally makes up for that! I think this sweater is also great for the warmer seasons to just throw over a top when it gets a bit more chilly at night, but for now, layered with a blouse or just on it’s own, it is a perfect winter sweater.
P.S. Excuse that little thread thing on my shoulder, I didn’t notice it was sticking out when we were taking pictures..