Books And Coffee #1

I love books. I love reading. I love buying books, getting books at the library, sitting on my couch or chair, of lying in bed with a cup of tea of coffee and just spend a day with my nose in a good book.

And so I decided to dedicate a series to books. In Books And Coffee I am going to share things about books, whether it is what I am currently reading, what I am planning to read soon, a book wish list, book hauls, favourite books and series or something else about books. It doesn’t really have  a lot to do with coffee, but I just thought the name sounded cute. And I do love coffee as well.

For my first post in this series I am sharing a few of the books I am currently reading, and a few of the books I am hoping to read in the next few months. As I mentioned in my 2017 goals I have set a goal of reading 20 books this year (and hopefully more), and I am going to try and keep track of them on Just Anothr Dreaming Girl and over on my Goodreads. I am terrible at writing reviews, mainly because I am not a too difficult reader, but I will do my best. Anyways, here are the books I just finished, am  currently reading, and a few of the books I am hoping to read very soon.

Just Read:

image_5-2_editedAll Fall Down – Ally Carter
Whenever I want something quick, easy and fun to read, I immediately think Young Adult. And although Ally Carter is quite young YA, I love her books. I have read both her Gallagher Girls series and her Heist Society series and loved them, and now I have just finished the first book in her newest series, and loved it as well. It’s just easy, I don’t have to think about what you’re reading, I can finish it in a day if I want to (not that I did with this one though). The ending was a cliff hanger, which I didn’t love because now I really really wanna go out and get the next one but as you’ll see I still have so many other books to read, but the book was fun, I enjoyed it a lot, and I can’t wait to read the next one as soon as I an justify buying it!


Currently Reading:


image-2_edited Capture Your Style – Aimee Song
Basically a book about how to take good Instagram photo’s, perfect for someone like me who actually loves Instagram a lot. It is written by blogger Aimee Song of the blog Song Of Style whom, to be honest, I had never heard of before I heard about the book, but now I follow her on Instagram and I actually love her posts. I have only read a few pages, and I think it’s more of a “read a few pages at the time” kinda book, but I like it a lot and can’t wait to learn all about how to up my Instagame!


image_3-2_editedHex – Thomas Olde Heuvelt
Yaas, a book from a Dutch writer! That I am reading in English for some reason (reason being that I picked it up in the Waterstones in Amsterdam).
I actually started reading this book a while ago now but as much as I enjoy it I don’t seem to pick it up very often, mainly because I am afraid it’ll get really scary and I won’t be able to sleep. But now that I have finished All Fall Down I am going to get back into it again, no matter how much I love to sleep!

To Read:

image_7-2_editedMemory Man – David Baldacci

A book that my boyfriend got me as a present for the holidays.
I don’t know much about this book and have never read a Baldacci book, but I’m pretty sure it’s a kind of mystery/thriller/detective book and I love that genre, so I am pretty sure I’ll like this book.




image_9-2_editedWinter – Marissa Meyer
So, I love the Young Adult genre. Because here is another YA book that I am going to read very soon. This is the fourth and last book in The Lunar Chronicles, a series that I have very much enjoyed reading, and I can’t wait to start this one! I got it for my birthday from a friend of mine who also loves this series and she said it did not disappoint. The series is basically set in a futuristic, distopian world and the writer has taken classic fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow white (which is this one) and adapted them so they work in the world she created. So good. Also, I love the cover of this book, the apple reminds me so much of the bottle of one of my favourite perfumes, Nina by Nina Ricci.



image_11-2_editedThe Fate Of The Tearling – Erika Johansen
Another last book in a series, this time a trilogy that I don’t think is officially YA, but I don’t know if it is completely Adult either. Maybe New Adult? Is that even a genre?
Anyways, it’s another fantasy type book, because I love fantasy. And I love the story. The first book was the kind of book that, all throughout reading it, I  wasn’t sure of if I liked it, but I couldn’t put it down and I really really wanted the next book as soon as I was finished, so that’s a good thing in my book. And now I can’t wait to read this last one, I am 100% sure it’ll be as good as the last 2, and it’ll keep me on the edge of my seat as much as the last 2. And I hope that all the questions I have had since book 1 will finally be answered.