5 Faves – December 2016

I know we are halfway through January already, but I still wanted to start of this 5 Faves series with December, the first month that I kept a list of my favourite items. I am going to try to do this every month, share my top 5 items of the month. It will be a mix of fashion items, beauty products, books, lifestyle things and maybe even experiences, if something really fun happened.
Anyways, let’s get into my 5 favourite things of December 2016.

image_6_edited1. Hugo Boss Orange
I have been living out of a suitcase (well okay, a few duffel bags) for the past month since my boyfriend and I have been looking for a new apartment, and I only had easy access to one of my perfumes, which was Orange by Hugo Boss. A long time favourite of mine, the very first expensive scent that I ever had, and it still smells lovey to me.

image-5_edited2.  Hema long lasting nail polish 821
The only nail polish I’ve been wearing in December, partly because of the same reason as Orange, partly because it is just so pretty and shimmery and perfect for the holiday season! Hema polishes are so cheap (less than €3 if I’m not mistaken) but such good quality in my opinion, and they have so. many. colours. I already have my January colour picked out and also spotted a super pretty summer shade.

3.  Vero Moda cardigan
Long cardigans are a favourite of mine all fall and winter long, as they are a much needed extra layer of warmth around my legs and they looks really cute paired with almost any casual outfit. This burgondy Vero Moda one that I got in some random store a few months ago has pretty much been the only one I have been wearing throughout December. It goes with all my neutral coloured clothes (which I have a lot of) and if I want to I can wear it as coat layered over a sweater when I have to run to the store.

4. Nike yoga pants

I spend a lot of my days at home, so lounge clothes are very important to me. These yoga pants, that I got in the Nike outlet in Utrecht for €20, are amazing for just that, lounging around on the couch, or cleaning the house. They look a bit more put together than any old pair on sweatpants, and I like that they are straight at the bottom instead of skinny like my giant collection of yoga leggings (that I love to  wear too!). Because they are a bit more formfitting around the thighs and butt they even look quite cute paired with some sneakers if I have to run to the store or something.

5. The Hanging Tree – Ben Aaronovitch

Aah, the book I had been waiting for for years. I’m not joking, I am pretty sure I read the previous book in this series at least a year and a half ago. My dad and I are addicted to Aaronovitch’s P.C. Grand series and as soon as I saw this book in store at the end of November I had to buy it. It was so good, obviously a big favourite of mine this month! Now I just have to wait for the next book…