A Mini Makeup Haul


Look at me, not even a week into this blogging thing and I am already steering away from my “one post a week on Friday” schedule by writing a bonus post. My reason for this bonus post is that I went on a little makeup shopping spree. I only got 3 things which I am very proud of, one of which I actually needed as well.  So here we go, my mini makeup haul.

Let’s start with the thing I actually needed, a face primer. I am running out of the one I am using now, which is from The Body Shop, and as much as I love that one, I decided it was time to try out something new, so I just went to my local drugstore and picked this one up, from one of my favourite affordable brands Catrice. It was €4,59 so super cheap, and as far as I can see on the ingredient list is doesn’t contain any silicone type ingredients. It felt really good on my hand so I’m excited to try it out once I’ve run out of my other primer.



Next up, something I didn’t really need, but did really want. This afternoon I was watching Sarah Nourse’s Everyday Makeup Routine on Youtube and she used an Essence nude lipstick on her lips (duh), and then a bit of a darker lipstick right underneath to make her lips look a bit more full, and I absolutely loved the look of it. So when I was in the store looking for a primer, I just happened to walk past the Essence stand, thought of that, and suddenly really needed a new nude lipstick and a darker colour to define my lips a bit more and make them look a bit more full, you know, the Kylie Jenner effect.
Because I have so many lipsticks already I went for a lip liner that was a bit darker than the lipstick I picked up, this Essence lip liner in 05 Soft Berry, and for €0,99 I love it!



And so here is the lipstick. It looks a bit more pinky-red in the picture, in real life it’s a bit more nude. And it goes perfectly well with the lip liner, it gives me the exact effect that I wanted. Although this is a matte lipstick it doesn’t feel drying on my lips at all, it actually feels very comfortable. And I can get quite dry lips, so that is very good!
Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick in 02 Perfect Match is soon gonna be a favourite, I’m sure, and it was only €2,39!

Oh my, I love drugstore makeup!