Dog walks in the rain

I wanted to put up another post today, one of my amazing finding in a €1 store, but that’ll have to wait as I really felt like posting this first (and also I still have to take some pictures for the haul but it’s too dark to do that now).
My boyfriend and I have been looking after his fathers dog while he is out of the country for a few weeks, so we are forced to go out at least three times a day. As we live next to a forest we can take her for long sunny afternoon walks, but when the weather is like this (rainy and cold, that is) we usually don’t go to far.
However, today we decided to take her for a nice long walk, even though it rained, and was even hailing at some point! But we faced the bad weather and it actually led to us taking some gorgeous pictures, because the rain gave te woods a beautiful new look that I hadn’t seen before as I hadn’t been out there in the rain yet.

Anyways, I wanted to share the photo’s with the world, so here we go.



We had been walking for a while already when we came upon this bridge, that I had already seen before a few weeks ago but hadn’t really remembered. Today we decided to check it out, and OMG it is a perfect place for outfit pictures or just little photo shoots.

For there on we walked over to this gorgeous old bridge by a lake, and of course I had to stop and take a picture because the sun just came out (only for a minute or so) so the lighting was amazing.

IMG-20160427-WA0004_edited IMG-20160427-WA0005_edited
aturally I forced my boyfriend to take some pretty shots of me as well!

We walked back oer this kind of path, that looks like it belongs in the Shire or something.
I love finding places like this and discovering that I really don’t have to leave the Netherlands for fairytale like forests. Especially for me, who is born and raised in a city and only recently moved to a place like this, it is like a dream sometimes.
It is a good reminder that beauty is all around us, and that we don’t have to go far to find it.