#ootd December 2015

Here are a few of the outfits I wore over the past month. I don’t have a picture from every day, because a) that would be A LOT of pictures and b) I don’t have my photographer/boyfriend with me every day to take the picture. If I did I would probably force him to take an outfit pic for me every single day, but I don’t so I can’t…


Outfit #1:
Very simple, as I think most of my outfits are. My main goal in the winter is to keep warm, because I’m one of those people who’s always cold as soon as temperature drops beneath 20° C, so taking of my coat in most of the following pictures was a big sacrifice for the sake of a good shot.
I’m wearing one of my favourite scarfs this winter from Primark. My white cardigan is from Primark as well, and underneath that I’m wearing an extra cardigan to keep a bit warmer. My top is just a simple basic T-shirt from New Look (similar) and my jeans are my favourite (and, to be honest, only) ripped jeans by ONLY. Lastly, my shoes (similar) are these cute little suede cowboy/biker ankle booties that I bought in the Dutch shoe store Van Haren, and they are by the brand Limelight.


Outfit #2:
Taken in Starbucks because I love Starbucks, this day I was wearing a brown tweed-like blazer from Vero Moda that I’ve had for years (I got it for my sixteenth birthday from my parents) with a shirt underneath from ONLY (similar and similar). My jeans are ONLY as well, one of my favourite pairs of simple blue jeans. My shoes, that you can’t really see on this picture, are black sneaker wedges by the brand A.S.H., and my coat is Marks & Spencer (similar).


Outfit #3:
Again, I am wearing my Primark scarf and cardigan, and my Marks & Spencer winter coat. My top, that says kindness is a language the blind can read and the deaf can hear – Mark Twain, is from Forever 21. It’s a really nice and soft cropped T-shirt with long sleeves. My jeans are, again, from ONLY, and my boots are my new favourites from Panama Jack, a shoe brand that I’m afraid is only available in the Netherlands. I am obsessed with them and wear them almost every single day. Lastly, my everyday handbag is the Longchamp Le Pliage medium tote bag in black. I’ve had this bag for almost a year now, and I love it! It fits everything I need everyday and more, and it goes with everything.


Outfit #4:
My cardigan (similar) is, again, from Primark. Obviously I was wearing my coat on top of it, but I took it off for the picture. Underneath my cardigan I am wearing a dark green sheer leopard print blouse from C&A that I’ve had for a couple of years, and a simple Primark cami (can you tell I love Primark?). My jeans are very stretchy high-waisted ones for America Today. I like them but they’re quite thin, so a bit too cold for this time of year. Again, I’m wearing my Panama Jack boots and Longchamp tote.

utfit #5:
This fall and winter I have decided to challenge myself and try to wear more skirts and dresses. I usually don’t do this because I’m afraid I get cold, but with the help of nice, warm leggings and tights it is actually not that hard. The too warm for December in Holland weather also helps.
Here I’m wearing the same Primark cardigan from the last outfit, with a scarf I got from my boyfriends mother last year so I don’t know where it’s from. My black top is a long sleeved thin sweater for MANGO (very similar), I got it a few months ago in the sale and have already gotten a lot of wear out of it. It’s a staple piece for every wardrobe. My pink skirt is from America Today, that I bought in the sale as well a year or so ago. What can I say, I’m a sale shopper.

utfit #6:
Here you can see the MANGO top a little better. I paired it with the same America Today jeans/jeggings, a very simple outfit. To spice it up a bit I added my new heeled booties from Invito (kind of similar). They are pretty comfortable for how high the heel is, and because they’re black with a very simple design they go with everything.

Outfit #7:
Another outfit with a dress, and my new heels. The dress is from H&M, a loose A-line style with a light purple floral print (similar print/colour) (similar shape). My wool over-sized sweater is from America Today (similar). I bought it in a large so it would be nice and big on me, and would layer nicely with a lot of stuff.

Outfit #8:
The long cardigan makes an appearance again! Paired here with my black ONLY jeans and an H&M striped blouse (similar).

Outfit #9:
For me this outfit is a perfect example that you can still look cute with your big winter coat on. If, of course, your big winter coat is cute. I paired mine with my black ONLY jeans again, I swear I live in ONLY jeans. It’s like they were made for me, I’m pretty sure they’re the only jeans I wear! Stretchy, long enough and still tight enough for this skinny jeans lover.
My brown boots are from Ecco (similar). Not usually a store I shop at, but when I saw these a couple of years ago when I was shopping with my dad I fell in love. They’re very comfortable and easy to take off, perfect for a shopping day!

utfit #10:
Last but not least I have another outfit with a skirt. Both my grey top and my skirt are for H&M, and I paired that with my Primark cardigan and my Panama Jack boots.


There we go, 10 outfits I wore this past December. I had a hard time finding links to every item because a lot of my clothes are bought in either the sale, of are just a few months to a few years old. But still, I did the best I could!